Friday, May 06, 2005

Mid-meeting madness and The Lodge

No meeting today - it got rescheduled at the last minute, luckily just before I'd left the house. It's been moved to Monday afternoon, so I now have three in a row on Monday, which will be a bit mad. Still, at least people want to meet me, so that's good. And it means I get a break before the madness starts again.

Severance: the lodge has been found. Most of the story takes place in and around a creepy lodge in the woods, and they've finally found the perfect location for it, in Hungary. I've seen pictures, and it looks perfect, even better than I'd imagined. I'll be spending the weekend writing the DVD things I mentioned before, because they need them as soon as possible. I've already done a rough draft of one of them, and it's both making me laugh and making me worry about what goes on inside my head. This is a good thing.

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