Saturday, June 11, 2005

Lights, camera, action

Severance is now fully cast, prepped, and ready to rock. Shooting starts on Monday. Monday! Holy fucking shit! To think that something I made up at home and wrote on a shitty PC on our living room corner table is about to be actually made by an entire film crew - it just blows my mind, it really does. I'll be going to Hungary to visit the set, just as soon as I get the shooting schedule, so I can see when would be the best time to go. I can't wait.

There have been some interesting developments in the Curfew saga. I can't go into too much detail, but let's just say that there is movement. Interesting movement. Not quite what I was expecting, but still cool. Things might change over the next few days though, depending on what other people decide, and on what I decide, too. I'm still working on two other movie ideas which are now taking shape, so I should soon have other stuff to pimp.

Had more meetings recently, including two cool directors, who would really like to work with me. They both had really good projects in need of a writer, so hopefully we can sort something out. I feel like big things are about to happen - I know I feel like that a lot lately, but that's a good thing. I've been such a pessimist for so long, it's nice to have some optimism for a change.

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