Thursday, June 16, 2005

Soon I will be one of Them

First things first - hopefully you will have noticed the new header image up the top there. I spent ages and ages putting together a really clever image that joined a pen with a spork, only to abandon it completely today at lunchtime and knock up a simpler, better looking version. It works for me, and is educational, too, for anyone who doesn't know what a pen or a spork is.

Severance continues filming - got a voicemail from the director this morning, all excited and happy at how things are going. The funny bits are apparently extremely funny, which is good news, and the cast are really working well together. I will be able to see for myself next week, because I'm flying out to Hungary next Thursday. I'll bring my camera, and will see if I can post some pictures here when I get back. My flight and hotel will be taken care of by the movie people, and a driver will pick me up when I land, which means, for the first time in my life, someone will be standing at the airport holding a piece of paper with my name on it. I will be one of Those People. I've always wondered who they are. I'm often tempted to go up to the people holding the paper and say "Why yes, I'm Mr Takagi", and see where they take me. But now I don't need to, because I will be one of them.

The first mention of Severance on a movie website is here, thanks to the good people at Fangoria. It's also popping up on lots of other horror sites, linking back to the story. I'm really jazzed about it, seeing it mentioned on sites that I already visit makes it even more real. And surreal.


snarl said...

wow. never seen a metal spork before. it's always been a plastic one.

oh, and i was just wondering... what's your dreamtrack for severance? lots of industrial music interspersed with yodelling and a rap singer's remix of 'take this job and shove it'?

James Moran said...

Plastic sporks are so last year. I couldn't find any, there were only metal ones when I went looking. Sporks ain't what they used to be.

My ideal soundtrack is, of course, Westlife and Kylie doing cover versions of all my favourite songs. I don't know really, I'd quite like a bit of ska, myself. I think they've found some Hungarian folk music (it's set in Hungary), but I don't know what they'll end up using. I'll ask on Thursday.