Thursday, July 28, 2005

Tax, short film, and FrightFest

Two meetings today. The first was with a man from an accountancy/tax firm. As I'm now earning money outside of my dayjob, I'm classed as self employed, and have to declare it to the Evil Tax People, and pay tax on it. I knew this when I started, so I've been putting aside 40% of everything just in case (although it should be less than that, taking into account stuff I can claim back). The thing is, the Evil Tax People send you a fuckoff big tax return form, and I haven't got a clue where to start. So my agent sent me a list of places that deal with us poncey media types, and I went in for my preliminary chat today. It's cool, I can just give them all my details and receipts and stuff, and they'll do it all for me, pretty much. I can claim all sorts of things as business expenses, which means the amount I pay tax on is reduced, and I should have a smaller tax bill. I think so, anyway, I'm not quite sure how it all works, which is why I'm getting professionals to do it for me. It's all very weird and grown up.

The other meeting was with a really cool director I've met before. We wanted to do something together, and now he's got funding to do a horror short film. We've been bouncing ideas backwards and forwards, and it looks like we've got the story pretty much sorted. I'm going to work on it over the next couple of days, and hopefully have something to show him next week. They want to move fast on it, and are already scouting locations and thinking of casting people. It'll be great fun, and hopefully I can be an extra in the background - I'll be a dead body.

Looking forward to the FrightFest next month - the full programme lineup has been announced, and it's going to be fantastic. The main things I'm dying to see are Land of the Dead, Wolf Creek, Night Watch, and Born to Fight. But the whole weekend will be great, the shorts, the guests, the surprises, the trailers, the madness - can't wait.

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