Friday, August 26, 2005

FF and short film

Okay, just about to head off to the FrightFest. 4 solid days of horror movies, with hardly any time between them, and an hour break per evening for food. By Monday night, I'll be a paranoid, gibbering wreck, and loving it. Thankfully, Jo also loves horror, and will be coming with me. It's so cool that she likes the same sort of twisted, fucked up stuff as I do. If I ever get done for murder or anything, I plan to blame it all on her.

The short film was going to shoot in September, but they've moved it to October instead. It was an insanely short time to prepare, and the things we've put in mean that it needs a lot of planning and crafty technical knowhow. There's some really ambitious, complex shit in there, so they're just taking a bit of extra time to make sure it all goes right on the day. Oh yeah, did I mention that they want to shoot the entire thing in a day? Well, they do. Crazy bastards. Anyway, it's going out to actors at the moment, there are some really cool people they want to get, so hopefully they'll agree to play with us for a day.

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