Thursday, September 29, 2005

The feelgood movie of the year

Someone has done a new trailer for The Shining, very carefully selecting certain scenes and clips, giving it a new voiceover and music, to make it seem like a wanky, feelgood comedy-drama. It's absolutely fucking hilarious. Check it out here (right click and save).

I'd love to see more of these. I want to see Driving Miss Daisy trailerfied as a horror, and The Exorcist trailerfied as a gross-out comedy.

Update! Here are two more:

West Side Story as a zombie movie

Titanic as a horror

Update 2! Another one:

Psycho: A Love Story


soulmining said...

That's great!! Btw, I'm sure you must be aware of the '30 second Bunny Theatre group' on the web, but if not check them out at for their versions of The Shining, Jaws, Alien, The Exorcist etc.

James Moran said...

Yeah, the 30 second bunnies are great - their version of The Exorcist is my favourite. It's the voices that kill me. And the bunny ears...

Cindy said...


I enjoyed the shining, though I think it's much harder to make those images look less scary.

Titanic I thought was not so good.

WestSideZombies - yeah, not bad.

Now I gotta check out the bunnies :)