Saturday, September 24, 2005

Tennis sucks

Well, the Film 2005 repeat has been cancelled, because the tennis is overrunning. The *tennis*. The Davis Cup tennis. Doubles. That's hardly tennis at all.

Don't think they're going to be showing it - the announcer just said it won't be on, but the film after it will be on whenever the tennis finishes. I'll keep the telly on, just in case they change their minds. But they probably won't. So I won't get to see it, and neither will everyone I told about it. Thanks very fucking much, Greg Rusedski.


Jodie x said...

It's a good thing that you've identified Greg Rusedski as the individual solely responsible for the cancellation of the show. Every good film writer should have a nemesis, I think.

soulmining said...

I think that your first victim in your next script should be christened Greg in tribute.