Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Death to pink links

Okay, so the redesign is slightly tweaked, because the pink links weren't my bag. The new colour didn't work, so I made them like they are now. Then I had to change the header image, because it looked weird. Then I stopped fiddling, because it looked okay and I'd had enough. It was only then that I realised that I'd chosen the same template as Danny Stack's blog, without even realising. Just as well I changed all the colours and things. I just can't believe I didn't notice until yesterday. No, actually I can: one time I was in a queue in a shop, and it took me three glances to realise that there was a guy on the floor next to me, having an epileptic fit, his foot banging a CD rack, knocking CDs over, making a big clanging sound, surrounded by several paramedics. I literally looked around the shop, my gaze passing over the guy three times, before I noticed him. This is why I will never learn to drive. "Hmm-hmm, wonder what I'll have for lunch-" thumpthumpthump - "oh, sorry, I've just run over all your children. In what looks like a school classroom. How do I get back onto the road? Through that massive hole in the wall I made? Cool."

More meetings soon. One on Friday, with a cool bloke I'm working on something with, not going into details *yet* in case I jinx it, and one possibly next week, with a groovy 3D animation company looking for writers. Still got two pitch outlines (1 page each) to finish for other potential things.

And the accountancy place phoned - they've finished going through my jumbled mess of documents and receipts, and are ready to let me know how much the tax pigs want from me. Got to pay that tax, to keep paying for shitty PFI deals, Prescott's many homes, and the Queen's gold-leaf toilet paper. Hopefully there'll be some left over for schools, hospitals, and other silly things like that.

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Chris (UK Scriptwriter) said...

You forgot to mention prince harry's wet nurse. Please note the deliberate lack of capitals there in his name. I'll write his name properly when I think he deserves it (probably around the same time pigs learn to fly).

Opps, that sounds too much like a soap box :)