Tuesday, October 18, 2005


You lose, Rusedski. You lose. Checkmate!


Greggy writes letters... said...

Damn you writer boi, damn you all to hell! It is now my lifes mission to crush you like the significant-twenty-first-century-horror-writer-bug that you are.

(The great romance is over, well the other one, Stella and I go our own seperate ways as of Friday, tSv has a lovely little one bedroom with custody of the cats and I'm moving back to shared housing. Expect reports of homicidal manics in Catford in the near future... oh and I'm going back to writing malware.

Lots of love and smoochy kisses)

James Moran said...

Glad to hear that my plan to destroy you is bearing fruit. Next time you'll know not to tangle with a keyboard swordsman.

Sorry about the end of the affair, as they say, try not to take it out on the good people of Catford. Ah, what am I saying, go for it, I want to see blood...