Thursday, October 20, 2005

Severance, and mrjbbskxvjiji

I just found out that tomorrow, at 2pm, I'll be seeing a cut of Severance. They've been refining the rough cut, and it's now at a fairly advanced stage, so they want feedback from various people, including me. I can't fucking wait to see it, it's going to be so surreal seeing the whole thing flowing as a proper movie. It won't have music, visual effects, or any of that fancy stuff - I think, anyway, they might have some of it done - but it should look really cool. Rest assured that I will be on the internet within minutes, registering my excitement.

Brief rant: When I'm just reading comments on blogspot, and don't need to post one, the word verification thing usually only asks for a 3 or 4 letter word. Ursj, or pntb, or mgdb. But when I want to actually post a comment - and usually on my own blog - the word I have to copy out is something like mggdkszijijijijijjjjiiifnrble. And it's all bendy and faded, and the letters melt into one another, making it incredibly hard to tell i's from j's, or anything from anything. And I always get it wrong. Clearly, the massive global conspiracy against me is finding newer ways to destroy my life. Sort it out, Blogger. Make the gibberish words easier to type.


Konrad West said...

It's actually idiot-censorship.

If you're not smart enough to work out the mjieijmjmmsjjjeeii then you're not eligible to post. Simple.

Pity they didn't require that when voting...

Anonymous said...

I'm waiting for the day where the verification letters actually randomly line up and spell a real word... unless ppijtwc is a swear word in Inuit

Chris (UK Scriptwriter) said...

Let us know about the screening. I'm not a big fan of horror, but I may have to go out and watch it when it hits the cinema.

With the many rewrites of Severance, did you apply any sort of process? I have a large rewrite to do and I just can't seem to work out where to start.

rawshark said...

great stuff... Looking forward to reading what you think of the rough cut (although I doubt very much you're going to be slagging it off too much!!)

I got a 5 letter thingy - lucky me..

James Moran said...

Dammit, my own blog is trying to idiot-censor me! Maybe that's for the best, though... 6 letters this time, but with "db" jammed next to each other - is there an "l" sandwiched in between them? Only time will tell.

Chris: Not really, just opened the file each time, started at page 1, and worked my way through. Easier said than done... I had my own notes, and notes from my agent each time though - it helps to get someone to read it and be *brutal*. And he is. He's a vicious bastard. But he's my vicious bastard. When it sold, I'd have meetings with the film dudes, they'd give me their notes, we'd discuss it, then I'd go off again and go through it, addressing their notes, and changing other stuff that occurred to me. Having a printout really helps, then you can read it and scribble on it - somehow it's easier to get a feel for it when it's on paper, before going back to the keyboard.