Sunday, December 04, 2005

I'm alive!

Friday, the Space Virus raged on. It laughed at my pills, my tissues, my orange juice. I tried to stay slightly active while it fought me, so that I wasn't constantly glued to the sofa, mewling pitifully - although there was plenty of that, don't get me wrong. I don't know if that was the right thing to do, but it felt like a small victory when I did get up and do something. I even did a few pressups, just to spite it. I can't be sure, but I think that somewhere in its filthy, black heart, a tiny piece of it felt... fear. But it may have just been me having palpitations. Yesterday, I felt it dying slowly, growing weaker. I started getting my appetite back, and didn't have to blow my nose every 5 minutes. Today, my nose is okay, my throat is okay, I've still got a deep, chesty cough - though it's on the way out. Tomorrow - I'm going to go outside.

Got a meeting tomorrow afternoon, which I should be okay for, and two Christmas "do"s this week, one Wednesday, one Thursday, both fancy schmancy film company things, which should be cool. I have three things I need to finish soon, three separate outline pitches. One isn't going anywhere at all, so I have to start again from scratch. One is coming together, but I'm still figuring out the details. One I haven't started yet, because I've just heard about it. And they all need to be done as soon as possible, of course. And it's fucking December already, what the hell happened to 2005? I guess it's time for all the "best of" and "year in review" and "coh, 2005 eh" TV shows, every single one of them hosted by Jimmy Carr. Hmm, that's my next post, I think - a little summary of the highs and lows of my writing year, so we can all see what I've learned, and grow as people or something. Hosted by Jimmy Carr.


Danny Stack said...

Well, I changed over to Firefox. So far so good. Anything I should know about the browser options etc or do I stick the automatic set up?

James Moran said...

Probably safe with the default options - you might want to make sure it doesn't remember passwords and form details by default, it's in the options (Tools and Options on a PC, I think, and then Privacy, and Passwords).

If you want to enhance your browsing experience, check out the extensions you can add:

The best are:

AdBlock - lets you block any ad or frame or flash thingy, and they stay blocked.

Flashblock - all Flash/Shockwave crap is off by default, but each one has a little button you can click to play just that one bit.

Tabbrowser Preferences - lets you change the way your tabs work (you can choose to close a tab by double clicking, etc)

IEView - if a page won't work (very rare nowadays), you can right click and open it in IE

Bugmenot - right click in a "free registration" news site, for example, click bugmenot, and it automatically finds a login for you and puts it in

Plain text links - lets you select plain text links, and open them as if they were links

You don't need any of these, of course, but they're really cool and handy. I have them all installed, along with some others - they're pretty easy to install, too.

Welcome to the Dark Side!

Danny Stack said...


James Moran said...

It's good stuff, innit? Oh, and there are themes too, try the Aquatint or GrApple ones, they make it reet pretty they do...