Monday, January 16, 2006

Call me Mrs Bauer

Caught the first Masters of Horror episode (Fridays, 11pm, Bravo) last Friday, quite a low key start, but good fun. Very much looking forward to Joe Dante and John Carpenter's respective efforts, and even if there are supposedly a few duffers in there, how cool is it to have an hour of horror every Friday night?

My Name Is Earl is, as expected, much better now it's got the pilot out of the way. Such a simple idea, but it means they can pretty much do any story they want - they can easily add to the list (and already have done), and take giant leaps of faith. Clever bastards.

I'm a week late with this, as usual I'm behind the times, but I finally caught the first two episodes of Life On Mars tonight. It's brilliant fun, a modern day copper gets run over, and wakes up in 1973, with no mobile phones, no computers, hardly any forensic procedures, and a very different attitude amongst the hardened, boozing cops of the day. It could have been boring as fuck, but it's hilarious seeing how he copes without any of the conveniences of modern life - and discovers that there are some advantages to living in a time where evidence and confessions aren't quite as important as they might be... The Filf! Bovvah! Shootahs! Pint of bitter! You're nicked!

Blimey, 3 cool new TV series. I thought TV had gone a bit rubbish lately - just when you think there are no good shows, etc etc. And 24 starts up again soon. I was just thinking today, that Jack Bauer is the only character I can think of that doesn't have *any* wasteful dialogue whatsoever. He doesn't crack jokes, make idle threats (all threats are delivered upon, and used to get information), he says what he needs to say quickly and efficiently, no beating around the bush (occasionally some slight beating around the face and neck though), and is just a terrorist-stopping, justice-bringing machine. I love Jack Bauer. I love him. If he asked me to pose as his wife for an undercover sting - *deep* undercover, you know what I'm saying - I'd already be trying on dresses. I'm here for you, Jack. I'm here for you.


jodie said...


Anonymous said...

when's Jack on again? What channel?

James Moran said...

You better ave good news for me, Grigson - or you're OUT!

Anon: supposed to be this month on Sky One, but I won't be watching it there because they're horrendous, with their 1000 ads per hour and Mrs Voice spoiling the upcoming episodes. So I'll probably wait for the DVD, because I *certainly* wouldn't do anything naughty like download it via bittorrent when it's finished showing in America, no way, not a fine upstanding citizen like me.

Anonymous said...

Would you not even do that for Curb Your Enthusiasm? I *hear* it's available... Can you really bear to wait until the DVD's out? Can you really bear to wait? If you can, you're a greater man than me. I'll have to get the DVD anyway for the extra features... delicious deleted scenes of Larry practicing his most annoying whistle... Mmmmmmm... most annoying whistle...

Agreed - Sky One suck.

James Moran said...

I've just deleted a comment advertising a website. It may have been a spambot, but if it was an actual person: DO NOT spam my fucking blog with adverts. I don't want to have to say this again. There are enough wankers out there making money out of aspiring writers, and I won't fucking have you flogging your bullshit on here. Buy a condom, and go fuck yourself.

We now return you to our scheduled programming.

james henry said...

As an addendum to which: hurrah for good telly again! It's been too long.

Word Verif: 'rgeul': one of the more apathetic, listless aliens from Star Trek. Their foreheads probably peel off slowly, causing them to regularly look down and sigh.

James Moran said...

Indeed, sir! Haven't watched any telly for ages, not properly, apart from Dr Who. Telly's just been rubbish. Finally we're getting the good stuff again.

Vkpbzavj: The sworn enemies of the Rgeul, they exfoliate constantly, and are unable to defend themselves as their slippery, over-moisturised hands keep slipping off the controls.

soulmining said...

A belated comment, but... I wasn't sure how Life On Mars was going to play out after its debut episode, but I watched the third episode last night and it just had everything - one of the best pieces of 1hr drama I've seen in ages!

My Name Is Earl continues to delight... the jury is out with Masters Of Horror - I missed the first story and last Friday's Tobe Hooper one was simply embarassing.

Did you watch Prison Break by any chance? I might catch the repeat tonight, but I liked the way Charlie Brooker described it like a three year old's interpretation of The Shawshank Redemption!

Btw, Pepper's Snakes On A Plane made it onto Stuff On My Cat!

James Moran said...

It's cracking, isn't it? Haven't watched the 3rd ep yet, got it taped for tonight. Sorted. Earl gets better and better too.

Ugh, that Tobe Hooper episode was shocking, for all the wrong reasons. I'm amazed it got past the script stage, it was total shit. Such a shame.

Will give Prison Break a go tonight, just because scary bastard Peter Stormare is in it.

Well done with Stuff on my Cat! There's no way they could leave you off, it's the best one so far.