Friday, April 14, 2006

Meetings in the Twilight Zone

Two meetings yesterday. The first was an informal pitch thing, for a potential movie franchise, which I'm very excited about. I can't say anything though, or they will kill me dead, seriously. As I walked into their offices, wild dogs were hauling out the battered corpse of the last blabbermouth writer. So I'm keeping my trap shut.

Second meeting was with some cool people I've met before. I arrived at the building I've been to loads of times, and the front door was wide open. I strolled in, without buzzing, thinking I'd just burst in and surprise them. I went up the stairs, threw open the door-- and the words died in my throat.

The office was completely empty.

Bare floorboards, dust, no light fittings, and a solitary stepladder in the middle of the floor. Shit, I thought. Maybe they're in the room upstairs. I ran up to the next floor, and walked into the room - same deal. Totally empty. I ran up to every floor, each one abandoned and cleaned out, there weren't even any builders. It was incredibly creepy. I went back to the original office, and stood there, confused. Was I the victim of a really complex scam? A complex, ultimately pointless scam, given that they didn't owe me any money or anything?

So I phoned the office number - *and they answered*. It was the same guy I'd spoken to before, answering the phone as if nothing was out of the ordinary. On the line, I could hear the others chatting, and busy office noises in the background. But they weren't here! I was standing right where his desk should be! Was I out of phase with the real world? Were they actually here, but in a different time zone, in a parallel dimension, at right angles to reality?

No. They'd just moved, and forgotten to tell me. Luckily, they were just around the corner, so no harm was done. But for a few minutes there, it felt like I was in my own personal Twilight Zone episode. Which was kind of cool, really.


Lucy said...

People move all the time and "forget" to tell me. I try not to take it personally...

MaryAn Batchellor said...

guess it was the cost of postage stamps

Stephen Gallagher said...

You are not alone. Working Title did exactly the same thing to me. Except in my case, I'm convinced they only decided to move when they realised I was coming.