Thursday, July 06, 2006

FrightFest screening

FrightFest is delighted to announce a special pre-festival screening of Severance. With thanks to Pathe, the film’s UK distributor, we have arranged a screening of the film on Thursday 24th in the Odeon West End at 6.30 p.m. Director Chris Smith will introduce the film and after the screening will return with members of the cast to host a Q & A. Ticketing arrangements have still to be confirmed and will be announced very soon.

I've been a FrightFest audience member for a few years now, it's the movie highlight of my year. 4 days of horror and other genre movies, with a load of friendly fellow horror fans, all packed into the same cinema screen. In between movies, you stand around outside, chatting, bigging up or slagging off the movie you just saw, and just having a laugh. Inside, there are the screenings, intros, Q & As, trailers, sneak peeks, short films, and loads of other fun things.

This year though, because Severance is out that weekend, I've got some mates coming over from Dublin. We're all going to check out various screenings over the weekend, and drink a lot. It means I'll have to skip most of the FF this year, but I'm incredibly chuffed to see that there'll be a special FF showing of Severance - I'll be able to see my movie, with my best friends, on the opening night, with the best audience in the world. It's the coolest thing I could have imagined. Back when I was working on the script, night after night, before it had even sold, I had misty-eyed visions of what it might be like if it was made and then shown at FrightFest - but never really thought it would actually happen. I am going to get so amazingly fucking drunk that weekend, it may shatter the space/time continuum. So don't say I didn't warn you.


Anonymous said...

Hi James,

I'm gutted i won't be able to make the screening and the Q+A cos I'm on holiday then.

Are you going to be taking part in the Q+A?

Is it going to be filmed?

Really looking forward to its release!


James Moran said...

No idea, it'd be good to film it and put it on the DVD, but I don't know - it's just been decided, so it's all a bit vague at the moment. I haven't been told officially about the Q+A by any publicity people, so I don't know if I'm in it or not. Get all your mates to go and see it!

Dom Carver said...

I work evenings so I can't come. But if you can lift your head from your pillow the next morning you didn't drink enough beer the night before.

Hope it's a good one, James, and we're all extremely jealous.


Chris (UK Scriptwriter) said...


It's a shame I live so far away or I would have loved to come see it. I'll wait for it to come up to West Yorkshire and make a special effort to go (haven't been to a cinema in months).



jellybean said...

Congrats, James! Have fun getting drunk and stuff, lol.

I hope Severance gets a cinema release here in Australia; do you anything about its release outside of the UK?

James Moran said...

Cheers, everyone - Chris, it'll be out on the 25th across the UK, if not, then it'll be London on the 25th, then rest of UK the following week.

Jellybean: I know that so far the distribution rights have been sold for USA, France, Spain, Germany, Italy, Canada, Southeast Asia, and Latin America - last I heard, they were working on Japan and Australia, so it's fairly certain it'll be out over there.

Danny Stack said...

How. Cool. Is. That.

heyoka said...

You are teh awesome.

rawshark said...

hey James - great news, eh?

So this is going to be the official World Premiere then I take it.

Hopefully we'll have a prosthetic torso to give away on that night too.

Dan said...

I find the horror genre interesting, I don't enjoy it, but I find it interesting. It has this cult edge about it, but still with a mainstream appeal. I can't think of any other genre that manages to do both. It always seems to move forward, pushing the boundaries and coming up with new ways to scare you.

So, I'd like to know, what makes a good horror flick? What do you hope to see at this FrightFest? What gets your adrenaline pumping or your flesh crawling?

Bill Cunningham said...

Congrats James.
When will we see it here in the colonies?


Cindy said...

Yay!!! *congratulatory hug*

James Moran said...

Bill: Cheers, pulp bloke! Official word on the USA release is a vague "late this year or early next" - I reckon after the DVD hits over here, my bet is December.

Dan: I guess it does because it has to - it's all been done before, so you have to keep coming up with newer, more inventive ways of killing people or scaring them. That's what I mainly look for - a combo of the new and improved, with a healthy dollop of the same old stuff that you come to expect and look forward to. Like the old mirrored cabinet thing - everyone knows that the killer will appear in the mirror behind the victim, so you have to play around with it. But you have to do a mirror gag of some kind, it's a classic. And of course, yes, Severance has one...

soulmining said...

I'll see you there! It's great that you get to have your big night with the best audience in the country ;-)

Terri Nixon said...

Wow, what a wonderful feeling it must be. I've only done a bit of horror fiction but have toyed with the idea of converting one or two to screenplay format and submitting them - somewhere! How vague am I, really?
But a success story like yours gives heart. And presumably various other body parts too.

Congratulations, and I hope the night is all you've ever hoped for. Try and get someone to follow you around with camera and notebook, because if you're that hammered you won't remember a bit, and you'll REALLY wish you could!

Tim Clague said...

Just from a business point of view I think its vital to launch at film a 'specialist' festival. All the audience members instantly become your marketing department and tell their genre buddies - who tell their mainstream mates. And so it spreads!

Anonymous said...


I notice that the director has a 'writer' credit, too.

Does this mean he's added bits? Or rewritten bits? Or did you write a new draft together? Or does it mean that he suggested new story bits?

Is it normal for this to happen? I thought that Directors asked the writer to change/add/rewrite?

Did you mind him muscling in on your script?

I'd love an insight to this process. Will you be co-writing in the future?


james henry said...

Dude, congratulations.

James Moran said...

Andy: Will be doing a post on this soon (was supposed to do it ages ago...), but the short version is: Film company buy my script, give me notes. I do new draft incorporating their notes. Director and producer come on board, give me their notes, I do new draft incorporating those. We work on it at the same time for a while, then it's Real Movie Time, as the director does his own pass, adding stuff, changing stuff, deleting stuff (Delete!), editing it down, prepping for filming, etc. In this case, it resulted in a shared credit, it doesn't always though, depends on the situation.

I'll go into proper detail later, if I can ever get around to it, as I want to explain about drafts and revisions and credits and things like that. I may have to split it into different sections. It's too long already, and I haven't even started it yet...

pennyforyourdreams said...

Hello, have you seen Starburst magazine? They have a review of your film: 4 stars! (if memory serves) Congratulations.

James Moran said...

Yeah, heard about it, and of course rushed out to buy a copy for myself. 4 out of 5, and a glowing review, which is really cool.

Anonymous said...

Hi James,

thanks for the explanation! it's really interesting to get an inside perspective on how these things operate.

and it will prepare any of us who might be lucky enough to get as far as you have.

If you do get around to doing an expanded explanation that would be awesome.

Could you tell us things like how long they give you to do another draft/amendments, and what happens if they suggest something that you really hate.

Also who has the last say - the writer or the director or the producer? Or the distributer even?

cheers. really looking forward to the release.


Oh - while I'm here - a post about FEAR would be great. How do you scare people?

Yeah, I know, like you've got plenty of time on your hands....

James Moran said...

Thanks for the questions Andy - some excellent fuel for blog posts, and I promise I will do them as soon as I can.

New and improved? said...

So how do we get tickets for this event :) eager people need to know.