Monday, July 24, 2006

Quick, hide

Strange thing happened to me the other week. First time ever, but probably not the last. I went to a meeting, never saw the guy before in my life, he shook my hand, and said:

"How's the tendon?"

I stopped in my tracks, and thoughts raced through my head frantically. Only a few people know about my fucked tendon, and my agent doesn't even know, so how the hell did this man find it out? Jesus, it's inexplicable. I mean, it's not as if I had typed out the information, and put it somewhere publicly available where anyone could-

"I was reading your blog."

I am so stupid. It just didn't occur to me that someone I haven't met yet would read my blog. I haven't told that many people about it, so I assume only a couple of people read it. Too scared to tell my agent, because he'll see I've been talking smack about him for ages. But it's the first time I've met someone who has just found it. Luckily, I'm quite restrained on here, and if I gossip then I never name names. Imagine if the most recent post that day had been something horrendous, instead of a sober warning about RSI? Tendon is okay at the moment, by the way, I'm still taking it nice and easy.

Update on other matters: I have purchased Hollywood Animal by Joe Eszterhas, as mentioned here. It's a cracking read, and is giving me a vicarious thrill, because whatever else you want to say about the guy, he made some great stuff, some bad stuff, but didn't take any shit, and got to be an incredibly rich, famous and - most importantly - powerful screenwriter. He's as delighted about it as I am, so it's very entertaining. I particularly enjoyed his answer to someone who suggested a change to one of his scripts - he grabbed the guy by the throat and slammed him up against a wall. Maybe that's not entirely in the spirit of collaborative movie making, but I can't help but admire him for it. Great to see someone not lying down and taking all the usual shit that is thrown at them. Joe, you're my new hero.

Been mad busy with several things on the go at once. It's really hard to sit down at the keyboard and type when it's disgustingly hot, but it has to be done. Curfew is very close to arrival. Three other spec outline things are coming along nicely. Delivered a paid-for outline in the nick of time, and have got another two potential things rumbling - one a cool new film project with some cool new people, and one a potential TV thing with some other cool new people. More news as it happens.


Paul Crilley said...

Just to freak you out a bit more. I read your blog, and I'm in South Africa.

Anonymous said...

The next stage would be a certain someone being approached by a certain stranger in a certain cinema...

The cinema could be UGC Enfield. And good-o on the Frightfest early screening.

Don't turn into a pugnacious prick once you hit the bt. Let it not be so.

Much love,


Chris (UK Scriptwriter) said...

I was about to suggest he just typed your name into google along with severance (I'm assuming he knew about that), or screenwriting and your blog link jumped out. So I tried it and after about six alternatives there was no direct link to your blog.

The guy must have done some homework (or tried a little harder than I did)! Shit! I'd better clean up my act and act like a proper writer if people are going to do that :)

James Moran said...

Aaaghh! A stranger from another country!

Sonny, I shall try my best.

Chris: If you stick my name in quotes and add severance, then my blog is the 2nd link. I'm more visible than I realised. Better get rid of all those posts about wanking and murder...

heyoka said...

Huh? If you type your name and severance into google, this blog is the top link. If you type your name and scriptwriter, it's the second link. Hell, if you type your name and then film (or movie) your blog is top link.

You are now officially easy to find. The stalkers will have to take it in turns.

Pillock said...

I post under a fake name and conceal all the identities of people I talk about.

Now I'm on the verge of maybe breaking in. I don't know whether I'll go real name or not if and when I make it. On the one hand, I'll want to brag under my real name. On the other, I kind of like that fact that no one in the real world knows I'm Jackson Pillock.

Yours, Harvey Sid-Hoover.