Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Last bunch of links

Okay, it's Wednesday, the night before the Severance charity screening FrightFest preview spectacular. On ice. With penguins. (may not contain actual ice or penguins). I'm trying not to think about it, trying to concentrate on other things, but it's impossible. I am so excited, I can barely articulate myself, and have been forgetting how to speak all day. So let's have the last few Severance links, until the next ones:

TimeOut review - they actually liked it! A lot! And they don't like *anything*! Critic's Choice in the print version, too - okay, number 9 in the Critic's Choice, but fucking Critic's Choice nonetheless. Thanks, TimeOut critics! Thanks for choo-choo-choosing me!

Sky Movies review - they liked it, too.

As did the BBC.

And the Hollywood Reporter - great to have both this and Variety behind us in America.

Channel 4 are keen, too.

And Film Exposed.

And Dark Matters.

As with all reviews, watch out for spoilers, some heavier than others - for best movie-going results, try to go in knowing as little as possible. In fact, don't visit the above links at all until you've seen it, just in case.

We've also got a proper release date in America - March 9th, 2007, according to Bloody Disgusting.

Speaking of the US release, here's the official page for the US distributors, Magnolia Pictures, obviously a bunch of very intelligent, good looking people with impeccable taste.

I think that's all the current news and info, obviously if there's any more I'll post it immediately, because it's my blog and I'll do as I please, thank you very much. If you're going to the preview screening tomorrow, then I'll probably see you there. I probably won't be blogging anything until the weekend, as I'll be out with friends and seeing other movies, so until next week, or whenever the hangover wears off - I salute you. Or something. Go and see Severance, in the cinema, pump up the opening weekend. Tell all your friends to do the same, tell them I know where they live. And I have the ass-knife...


StacieFunkee said...

Heat magazine did a small review. They liked it and gave it 4 stars.

rawshark said...

wow - loads of great reviews from loads of different places.. and they all love it..

Soak yourself in glory mate - you deserve it..

And then get back onto Curfew, cos I want to see your next one asap...!!!

Anonymous said...

Check this out:
Hoping to see it myself this weekend. Well done. 3 cheers for you.

jellybean said...

'Tis great how critics are loving Severance!

I was reading Variety at work a few days ago and squeed at their review of the film.

Can't wait till it's released down under.

Chris (UK Scriptwriter) said...

I'm going to try and see it tomorrow (Saturday).

That's if I don't get dragged into work as the you-know-what is well and truly hitting the fan at the moment. They really don't pay me enough (oh to be a pro writer!).

Sonny said...

Enfield UGC. Friday night. Midnight Screening. Oh yes.

Anonymous said...

Big gushy review from Film Focus

Chris (UK Scriptwriter) said...

Go see it people.

I've just got back from the Cinema and thought it was great!

Anonymous said...

i've seen it and i think it's really good lol, but i was reli scared, might just be me tho. great film, made me laugh actually.

Dom Carver said...

Read the review in Total Film (I think they gave it 3 stars) and I'm a little dissapointed. They talked to the so called writer/director but they ignored you completely. I take it the original script was yours and that Mr Christopher Smith wanted to put his mark on it when it was made? They made it sound like it was his idea. Damn the system and it's view towards writers.

That does annoy me but it's a necessary evil you have to accept if you want to get you script made, I suppose!!!!!

I have to be honest, neither Susie or I like horror movies but we have decided to go and see it anyway. I will be wearing two pairs of pants as I'm a wuss and will probably lose control of my bladder at a crucial moment.

Enjoy the 5 minutes of fame it brings you.....and I do hope you get many more ;-)

Jools said...

I'm so proud of my ickle baby brother! It was a real thrill seeing your name up on the screen and actually watching the film, not to mention the huge billboard outside the cinema and all the buses!!
The film is pretty damn good too!

James Moran said...

Dom: No, that's not what happened, keep your knickers on - they bought the script, then I did a rewrite by myself, then I did one with Chris, then he worked on it himself. TF didn't talk to me because I wasn't there when the interviewer visited the set, I'm sure they'd have happily asked me stuff had I been there. Don't jump to conclusions and slag people off before you know the score, that's naughty.

Full charity screening report coming soon, when I've woken up...

Dom Carver said...

Oops, sorry. You're right of course, I should have talked to you before I commented. Consider me told off.