Tuesday, August 15, 2006

My first bus poster sighting

Severance bus poster

Oxford St. bus, 3pm today - wahey! Click for the ultra large version.

And also my first test of the mobile phone pic/text thing that lets me do posts WHILE WALKING DOWN THE STREET like some sort of futuristic mobile hacker with computer equipment surgically attached to my skeleton. Although I have edited the post now, and uploaded the full sized pic so you can see it properly. But the fact remains, I took a photo on my phone, and made it appear on my blog, without ever being near a computer. I love technology. Until it turns evil. Then it must be destroyed.


Jools said...

And I saw an ad on Channel 4 during Big Brother tonight!
And my friend saw a bus in Balham with the poster on it, woooooooooot!!

booyaa said...

6 music had at least two features about the movie. Fantastic!

Danny Stack said...

someone in bournemouth saw the poster in bournemouth and i heard her say: "let's see that."

Optimistic_Reader said...

I saw the poster no less than 4 buses between Victoria and Paddington stations today. But I didn't get any pics. I was on a moving bus myself, trying desperately not to spill coffee all over myself every time it turned a corner.

soulmining said...

I saw the tv spot during *cough cough* this evening... what's with that West Country f*ckwit Justin Lee Collins doing the voiceover, eh? Danny Dyer done a runner? Brian Blessed too expensive? Surely you could have got one of the Sean's (Bean or Pertwee) in to do it?

Or, is this a cunning marketing ploy to appeal to a 'Friday Night Project' crowd? ;)