Sunday, September 24, 2006

Austin, Day 3

Day 3 - Severance

Woke up ridiculously early again, the jetlag still kicking our asses. Had a nice breakfast, then I went over to meet my old friends Karey and Kristy, who I haven't seen for 14 years. I met them the first time I was in America in 1992, and it was so cool to see them again. We hung out, then went to a Mexican restaurant, and I went to see if I could get them tickets to the Severance screening. No problem whatsoever, the guy I spoke to sorted it out immediately, reserved three seats for us. When the time came, we were waved in, led to the seats, and sat with Jay and Ryan Shifrin, who directed Abominable and is a really cool guy. I was a bit nervous how the movie would go down, different audience, different backgrounds, etc, but I needn't have worried. They were incredibly vocal, clapping and cheering, laughing at all the jokes, even the more obscure cockney lines, and actually gasped as one at the beartrap scene. It was fantastic. The one scene I was worried about got the biggest fucking laugh of all, it was incredible. Round of applause at the end, and I did a quick Q+A, keeping it short as the screenings were running late. Again, somehow I managed to pull it off, cracking jokes and doing really well, I was on a high. As we left, people were coming up and congratulating me, giving me cards and stuff, it was cool.

And then, the drinking began.

We went to this crazy Texan bar called the Broken Spoke, a real country bar with guys in stetsons and cowboy shirts, it was such a fun place. Drunk Texans kept coming over to chat to us about nothing in particular, they were really friendly. We played pool, shuffle ball, and drank a lot. We saw the girls off in a taxi, then came back to the Evil Dead lodge. At 1am. And there was a party starting at 2am. That we needed to go to. Oh dear. See, we'd taken a bit of flak for chickening out of boozing the night before, and people were saying things like "oh, there's a party, but you boys are probably too tired and jetlagged." Our reputation was at stake. Which is why we went. We got picked up at 3am, and began another night out, directly after our previous one. We stayed there, drinking, till 7.30am, and played table tennis towards the end, for some reason. Back to the lodge at 8am, slept till 12, said goodbye to Karey and Kristy who had called round on their way home, and slept again till 3pm. We're supposed to be having a barbecue today, at 4pm, in ten minutes. Our eyes are bleeding, our legs won't hold us up, but dammit, we're going to keep going. For little baby Jesus.


Jools said...

Where's me feckin' birthday card, you workshy fop???

Amanda said...

Just one word:


Jools said...

Just thought you might like to know that Severance is in the voting category of Funniest Film in the Loaded Lafta awards!
Link is here:
You either have to register online or buy the magazine.
See the lovely things I do for you, even though you are such a pooey brother that you don't even send me a birthday card?

soulmining said...

The Severance screening has had some good reviews on AICN :)