Sunday, September 24, 2006

Austin, Day 4

Today was a bit of a blur. The barbecue did get started around 4pm, but we were still completely trashed. We prevailed though, and had a really cool afternoon eating more meat, and chatting to Ryan, Theresa, Adam (director of Hatchet) and Liz, one of the many cool people at the Alamo cinema. Had a nice, chilled out day just talking to great people, eating, and drinking. The only movie we checked out was the midnight showing of Hatchet, Adam's movie, which is a total 80's splatterfest but with a really witty script, and fantastic gore. That went down really well with the crowd, and apparently he was there until 4am talking to the audience.

It was nice to have a calmer day after the madness of the past few days. We stayed up till 5am though, and needed to be up at 11 for the barbecue the next day. So we only managed 4 or 5 hours sleep. I have no idea how we got through Monday, because it was packed full of mad stuff. But that'll have to wait until the Day 5 report...

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Chris (UK Scriptwriter) said...

At university when I felt like that and had assignments due, I found Mars Bars, Pepsi and ProPlus did the trick.

I remember one 38 hour stint that involved 2 shifts behind a bar and 2 assignments without sleep. Once I did get to sleep I didn't wake for 18 hours (and when I did wake I had what felt like the biggest hangover).