Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Austin, Day 6

There was a lunch for us VIP type people at Tim League's house, and I was relieved to find that it was made up of a salad and a fish course, along with dessert. No meat in sight, thank Christ. Nice, relaxing day, and I got interviewed by someone at a film festival channel. I also sat in the sun for too long, like over 15 seconds, and felt a bit ill for a while - headache, nausea - and had to take it easy for a while and drink lots of water. It wore off, but I'll have to be careful, it's so easy to stay outside too long.

Today's movies were Roman, the movie directed by Angela Bettis and written by Lucky McKee, The Woods, written and directed by Lucky McKee, and Wilderness, directed by Michael Bassett. Roman was a really sweet and charming indie flick, and kept me going all the way through to its unexpected ending. The Woods was superb, not what I was expecting at all from the trailer. After The Woods, we went outside and saw Angela Bettis chatting to someone, right there in front of us. So we went up and said hello. And that's where it all went wrong in my brain.

I had met R. Lee Ermey a few days ago, and had no problem chatting and cracking jokes with him. I'd met lots of new people, film makers and movie goers, and been perfectly outgoing and confident. But as soon as I met Angela Bettis, I fell to pieces. I managed to stammer "Hello... I love 'May'...", and forced myself to stop talking because I knew the next thing was going to be "...and I love you too...", which would have been terribly embarrassing for everyone. I barely managed to string a sentence together after that, and had my picture taken with her and everything:

She is tiny, and incredibly nice, and I immediately became a mumbling 14 year old from that point on. I was shaking, literally shaking, and just couldn't control myself. Totally starstruck. May, Sick Girl, Toolbox Murders remake, I love her stuff. Somehow Jay got her to come and have a beer with us in the VIP section, and we chatted away quite happily. I was still a quivering wreck, but not as bad this time. Jay wanted to do an interview with her, with me tagging along, but his phone's not working, so I gave her my card and said we'd call her tomorrow to arrange it. And after she admired my card - my card! she thought it was cool! - she gave us her phone number to arrange to meet up tomorrow. We had a great chat, she was really cool and funny and genuine, and then we had to go into Wilderness and she and Lucky had to go and get some sleep. I was doing fine, we were about to leave, and then I just couldn't help myself: before I walked off, I said something like "sorry to be the gushing fanboy thing, but I really love your work, really enjoyed May, Sick Girl, and the Toolbox Murders remake, and just think it's cool the way you're doing everything, so keep doing what you're doing". She seemed genuinely pleased by this, thanked me, and I walked away, only then realising what an UTTER wanker I'd just made of myself. I swore I wouldn't do that with anyone, but I just couldn't stop, it came out in a rush before my brain realised what was happening. Fucking nerd. Everyone else said it was fine, that she knows I'm a film maker too, and would respect my opinion, but I still thought I'd made a tit of myself. I've calmed down now, but am still buzzing at meeting her and getting to talk to her. Still can't believe how starstruck I got, everyone thought it was highly amusing.

And now I must sleep.


Dom Carver said...
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Dom Carver said...

I once met and interviewed Nell McAndrew for Bournemouth Uni stoodent mag. I couldn't stop staring at her tits even though I'd spent the entire day previous chanting to myself, "Don't look at her tits, perv boy."

You just can't help yourself, can you?

soulmining said...

Don't worry, I'm sure she was cool about it! I'd have been exactly the same...

Btw, before you flew out I know I asked if you could get Angela Bettis's phone number for me, but I didn't think you'd actually get it... you're an absolute star! Whaddya mean I can't have it? ;)

Right, next time you do a film festival can you bring me along as your personal butler or something... please?!

Amanda said...

Dude, I already told you 'cool as fuck business card' and it took Angela agreeing with me before you believed it?!

Me and Ange. We're the new Twinnys. Your services are no longer required.

On another note, I'm happy you didn't eat more meat. You must surely be backed up to hell with the worst case of 'more meat? I cannot digest it!' constipation. Either that or your breath is taking on notes of 'I'm on the Atkins diet'. Just sayin'.

soulmining said...

The only Atkins diet Jimbo's on is the Tom Atkins diet - am I right?

"Thrill me!"