Sunday, September 17, 2006

Bear, Urination Scene, Topless Woman

Okay, my big news is... drumroll... I'm going to a film festival! This week, 21-28 September, the Fantastic Fest in Austin, Texas, to be precise, where they're having a couple of screenings of Severance. It's on at the Alamo Drafthouse cinema on South Lamar, where the seats all have tables, and you can have food and booze delivered right to your seat. It's all a bit last minute because I didn't know about it until very recently, so it's a nice surprise. My mate Jay introduced me to Tim, the guy who runs it, and Tim asked me if I wanted to go over and do a Q+A session after one of the screenings. I gave it 2 or 3 nanoseconds of thought, and obviously said yes. So I'll get to see some movies, meet some new people, drink some booze, eat some steaks, and do another Q+A, but on my own this time. Yeah, bit nervous, but after the last one went so well, I'm really looking forward to it. I will be there, live and in person, says the website, and I can't argue with that. There will be tons of cool movies to see, famous people (R. Lee Ermey, Angela Bettis, Lucky McKee among many others), exec-type people too, and the chance to network like crazy. So I've had some business cards made, with links to all my web details, email, and phone number, and a groovy design I came up with. Have a look (contact stuff is correct on the real card):

The idea is that I hand them over with my thumb on the thumbprint, for maximum impact. They'll either be really impressed, or think I'm a weirdo. I'll be taking my laptop with me, and because Austin is pretty much wi-fi'd up to the eyeballs, I'll be able to blog my progress as I get drunker and more insane. So if you're a member of the scriboblogothingosphere or just the general thingosphere, and you're in or near Austin between the 21st and 29th, let me know. Also, if you know any cool bars to visit in the area, that is information I must have.

Trying to finish off all my writing stuff before Wednesday morning, which is when I fly out. Got meetings all day Monday, NPA panel on Tuesday evening, it's all crammed in. I did manage to plough through the first, rough, get-it-all-down draft of my spec though, so yay for me. It feels like a huge mess that doesn't work, I even changed the setting halfway through without breaking stride or worrying about consistency, but I didn't look back, just got on with it until I finished the bastard. It won't be as bad as I think. Hopefully. At least I have 92 pages of *something*, which is a start. It just feels good to be writing something that is purely for me (until it's finished and ready to go out to interested parties), something I can take my time with and enjoy. Most of it was done during breaks from paid-for stuff - I have to work that way, shuffling things around, to keep my mind fresh. I'll give it a week or so, then go through it and see what the damage is like. Will try and do a last blog update before I hit the road, so watch this space.

Here's the groovy French poster for Severance, thanks to Claudette for taking a pic of it for me from the French issue of Premiere magazine:

Not sure if I've mentioned it on here, but the soundtrack for Severance is available on iTunes (link will open iTunes if you have it), a fantastic score by Christian Henson, really atmospheric and haunting. It's not on sale as a CD, just a digital download. I think other online shops have it, no idea, as I'm an iTunes geezer myself.

And if you check out this link on the IMDB, you'll see that the plot keywords for Severance are Bear, Urination Scene, and Topless Woman. It's the only movie to feature all three! And it's still in the cinemas! Although at less times during the day, so this is probably your last-ish chance to catch it on the big screen if you haven't, you know who you are. How can you stay away? It's got a bear, a urination scene, and a topless woman. What more could you possibly want?


Chris (UK Scriptwriter) said...

Network, network, network!

If you come back with any of those business cards I will be disappointed (and you aren't allowed to chuck any in the bin).


James Moran goes international. Add a villain with a cat (or jealous screenwriter yet to break in) who wants to stop you from going and you could have a script.

Mwwwhhaaaaaa.... get down tiddles!


Dan said...

Have you seen my eyes recently? They're green. Oh so green.

Brilliant, great, skill and well done. And how the hell did you get the phone number (0)1111 1111? Who's that with? Vodafone?

I'm gonna try and get myself (0)07 007 007.

hotzappa11 said...

Congrats, congrats.

I heard the movie premiered at the Toronto Film Festival to. Horay! I still haven't seen it. *slaps wrist*

Lee said...

"Bear, Urination Scene, Topless Woman" reminds me of an unfortunate event I once witnessed when going "off-piste" during a wide-game at Scout camp.

I was eight years old and lost in the woods at night, and came crashing through the thicket onto a most unholy sight. When Akela and the rest of the troop found me, five hours later, I was thirty feet up a tree and shrieking, my woggle clutched tight in one hand, a bear tooth in the other.

Although I eventually learned to live a normal life once more, and became troop leader, no amount of badges could patch over the trauma of that dark woodland rite.

James Moran said...

I'll be shoving business cards in everyone's orifices whether they want them or not. I'll cardmolest them.

The 1111 number's just fake text for the test version, didn't want to put my phone number and email out on the web, just in case of nutters!

Speaking of which, I'd like to make it clear that I have never heard of, met or spoken to Lee Thomson, or had any email contact with him, or killed anyone for him. Especially that last one.

Lee said...

So you lied to me, then? Tommy Two-Times is still alive, and I've been walking around unarmed and with my guard down for the last three months. Boys, we're heading back to the hideout. Moran - sleep with one eye open from now on, you turncoat welch.

English Dave said...

''The 1111 number's just fake text for the test version, didn't want to put my phone number and email out on the web, just in case of nutters!''

Another frickin afternoon wasted. I thought it was engaged.

Check out Fados on W Fourth Street. Best pint of Guiness in town.

Amanda said...

At this point, I would like to point out that 'you're my best mate, you are' and should you have a plus one, I'm totally free to fly out tomorrow...

In the absence of an invite to accompany you, try and chat with Adam Green (writer/director of Hatchet). He's a cool guy, and falls within the remit of smart and our kind of people, y'know?

Cool as fuck business card.

onety onety onety onety one is an odd telephone number, though. You should look into getting that changed...

Love and gorey stabbings,