Tuesday, September 19, 2006

I'm off

It's 10.20pm. I have to get up at 5am to get a cab to the airport. I haven't packed yet. And here I am, doing a final blog post. That, folks, is dedication to the bloggy cause.

The NPA panel was great fun, I was a bit nervous going in as I've only got one credit to my name, and the other guys had lots of stuff, been in the business for years. But they were really cool, down to earth, and funny. Started off a bit slow, wondering if people would start shouting "fraud", or "who the fuck are you to tell us how it is", but nobody tried anything, so I was okay after that. There were lots of questions, great questions, and hopefully we answered them all to your satisfaction. If not, you know how to contact me, give us a shout. Sorry I couldn't stay after in the bar for more questions, but see above re: packing, sleeping, etc. Good luck to all of you in your various projects, and thanks for having me along. Hopefully I'll be doing more of them.

And finally, I'm now a member of BAFTA, which is cool. It means I can vote at the awards, use their bar and restaurant, and get free invites to all their special movie screenings, events, Q+A's, and so on. It's great because they decide on new members once a year, no matter when you apply, they only choose people in September, for some reason. Membership is capped at a certain amount too, so I'm really glad I got in.

Right. I'm really, really tired (only got a few hours sleep last night), I need to pack, and sleep, in that order preferably. Next update will hopefully be from Texas, if I ever make it on to the internet. Austin, here I come...


soulmining said...

Have a great time in Austin, Mr BAFTA member! Looking forward to reading all about it, so make sure you take notes - and don't forget to give my love to Ms Bettis ;)

Anonymous said...

welcome to BAFTA dude. you'll love it. we should meet up for a screening sometime soon.