Sunday, September 03, 2006

Welcome new folk, and more links

Got plenty of new people dropping into the blog this week, thanks to the good folks at Shooting People, and general web searches. Feel free to look around, browse the archives - I'll be doing a proper index soon, as the post titles are either dates or meaningless phrases, but in the meantime, if you want to know how I got started and got an agent, go to the very first post here. It's a bit scatty and fragmented, but I'm going to leave it the way it is, because it's a good representation of how excited I was about everything getting started. Thanks to everyone sending me emails, too, I really appreciate it - I'm trying to reply to everyone, but if I'm a bit slow it's because I've got loads of stuff that needs doing, and I forget things quite easily.

Sorry for the lack of updates since the charity screening, got a bucketload of deadlines and things on the go - have to do notes for the Curfew revisions (all going well, just letting them know what changes I'll be doing), rewrite an outline for a horror film I'm working with a director on, finish an outline for another adventure/mystery movie I'm working with another director on, write some notes for a meeting this week with some TV people who I hope to be working with on their project, type up answers for 2 email interviews, and try and find time to carry on with my new spec script. In the meantime, here's a couple of quick links for your clicky pleasure:

Severance hits number 7 in the top 10 at the UK box office in its first week, which is pretty cool. We've been increasing our ticket sales all the time, it looks like the word of mouth effect is kicking in.

It's time to vote in the Total Film Readers' Awards, and they've got Severance as one of the options for Scariest Scene, with the bear trap scene. Cheers, Total Film geezers! You can choose their options, or add in your own, so feel free to go and vote for Severance in any of the other categories - best movie, director, man of the year, woman of the year, breakout star (Babou!), best villain, gem of the year, funniest scene, and best movie death (spoilers!). You can vote for best child performance if you like, but there were no kids in it. Go vote!

Did a web interview for Solace in Cinema - it was good fun, quite in-depth, and he really liked Severance too, so he obviously has taste as good as the Ferrero Rocher ambassador.

And finally, my most excellent mate Corin has a new website, where you can check out his work - he's done lots of really cool music videos, and spent 5 years making an amazing stop-motion film called Butterfly. Check out his stuff, he's a bit of a genius. Plus he took us all to Garlic and Shots the night of the Severance screening, which gets him 500 cool points.


Andrew Aguecheek said...

I went to see Severance with a friend yesterday. Loved it, naturally. However, the aforementioned friend wants to know why you didn't think to include a pie in the real lodge. Apparently it just seemed natural to him that there should be one; George did bring pie. He's getting really hung up on this point.

Anyway, nice work etc. C!

James Moran said...

Cheers Andrew - honestly didn't think of it, that's the only answer. Good idea, though. Although even if I'd thought of it, it probably wouldn't have survived in the final cut, as that scene needed to be as short as possible - it got trimmed down anyway, snipping unnecessary stuff, so the pie probably would have been lost. If he's that upset, tell him there *was* a pie there, but it got cut out!