Monday, October 23, 2006


The iPod is five years old as of today. Happy birthday, iPod! The original one was 5GB, bigger, had a mechanical scroll wheel, and was Mac only. Now they're all, like, magic and stuff.

This has been floating around the place, but I can't resist - the MacRumours forum thread from the day the iPod was originally announced. Filled with outraged shrieks of "it'll never catch on" and "why oh why" and "nobody will buy this", it's hilarious. Check it out, and smile to yourself, smugly, from your lofty position here in The Future.

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Lee said...

I have 2G, 10GB, three and a half year old iPod. It's like a brick, I tell you. When I bought it, I was the envy of everyone, but I showed it to someone the other day, and they were like "what the hell is that?" Bleedin' Johnny-come-latelys.