Monday, October 30, 2006

We like short shorts

Could you tell a story in just 6 words? Apparently, the most famous example is Hemingway's "For sale: baby shoes, never worn". Wired asked several writers to come up with a 6 word short story, and you can see the results here. So that's today's challenge to all you scribo-bloggo-bastards out there - are you up to it? 6 words or less, no exceptions, Arthur C. Clarke went over and they disqualified him, so you're not allowed to either. Here are mine so far:
  • This won't hurt a bit - oops...

  • "Let's play 'Chicken'", thought the pilot.

  • Things changed after adopting the Tyrannosaur.

  • Slowly, Jeffrey ate himself.

For further fun with brevity, check out Four Word Film Reviews, and Phil's regular movie haikus, of which my favourite one is still The Constant Gardener.


Lee said...

Solar flares recorded. Shuttle communication lost.

Baby's got blue eyes. Daddy? Green.

"We're safe now. Wait, what was - "

"Check the line, my bra's missing."

soulmining said...

He screamed in the boiling custard...

Thanks for the plug ;)

There really wasn't much gardening!

Chris (UK Scriptwriter) said...

I gave it the whole hour ;)

Well that doesn't really work but try:

Is anyone on board a pilot?

Silence at last.... Waaaaahhh Waaaahhh Waaaahhhh.

Who turned out the lights?

But it isn't even plugged in!

Danny Stack said...

She left. No words. He wept.

Amanda said...

The Thing inside Emily controlled her.

The gate opened; beyond was hell.

AI had control, man was doomed. (this one may be pushing it...does AI count as a word?)

Charred wedding dress; jealous groom.

I feel these could tumble out for some time, but I have to collect Alex from school. And really I shouldn't type the first thing that pops into my head, I should weed out the crap first. Wait. I'd have nothing to post...

Paul Draper said...

Last human alive hears a knock.

Her dress was fabulous. He seethed.

Calm eyes stared from asylum window.

Good Dog said...

Yesterday's junk food diet bit back.

Eyes opened. Hours after the cremation.

Dom Carver said...

Five rejections and a dead cat.

Lucy said...

Why? Why not. Fuck why. How?

Piers said...

Born / bloody, screaming, and naked / Died

Not everybody gets into the Singularity.

We were hallucinating. We never left.

"Her head exploded."

James Moran said...

Superb, keep them coming, they're all much better than mine. And AI counts as a word if I say it does, which I do. Half the time I find these really easy, then incredibly hard - tricky bugger, this brevity.

Danny Stack said...

Dom - yours is not just a story, it's an epic.

Christine said...

I love you. No I don't.

Best place to bury a body?

Two scrambled eggs, one severed hand.

"I know exactly what I'm do-"

(Bit derivative, that last one. Heigh ho.)

Paul said...

Oh crap, I just killed God.

Our substitute teacher is a gorilla?

Crack sluts invade the White House.

Dom Carver said...

Living life when you are dead.

What do you mean, don't touch.

Mr. Flatulent lit up a match.

Stephen Gallagher said...

Mention of the Hemingway story sparked a similar conversation on one of my newsgroups last year.

So in the spirit of never doing any new work when I can get away with re-selling something old...

"Alone in church, Satan wept."

Anonymous said...

"Rabits masacred, carrots top food chain"