Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Curfew revisions have begun. I put it off for a few hours, slightly intimidated by the mountain of changes I need to make. Where do I start? I'm a fraud, I have no idea what I'm doing, this is madness. So I put all the notes and printouts aside, and just started rewriting. This run through will be from memory, to get the feel of where I'm at. The first thing I did was chop 8 and a half pages out of the first 10 pages. It was all stuff I'd been thinking of getting rid of, and after we all talked about it today, we agreed that we just didn't need it. So... snip! Just like that. It was stuff I'd spent ages doing, working out, but it was in the way. See how I wave my magic wand? Truly I am a weaver of dreams. I'm now on page 8, which used to be page 18. So 10 pages are now gone. Quite refreshing, really, that I can do it painlessly. Some of the missing stuff will surface later as backstory, if necessary, much of it won't. Don't need it. Keep things moving along. Nice. Also I have removed two characters. It's like they never existed. Power, kids. Ultimate power.

The meeting went great today, Paul's a really cool guy, and is totally "on the same page" as me, if I can be wanky for a moment. We all talked about the notes, and what would change, and possible new changes, or refinements of old changes. Also saw some pieces of early concept art, which are incredibly cool. I'll see if I can get permission to post one.

Oh, and we saw Harry Enfield on the stairs, and all stood back so he could manoeuvre a stack of boxes in through a doorway. There was mild banter. So, for a tiny moment, it could be argued that we technically became his "chums". Both Paul and I were more excited about this than anything else, which I think bodes extremely well for our creative partnership.


Dom Carver said...

I wonder what was in the boxes? Secret stuff no doubt.

potdoll said...

that weren't Harry Enfield you daft beggar. it was me.

and next time you might want to help rather than stand back and watch me struggle.

Amanda said...

Yes, yes you *are* a fraud... now hand over your job and we'll say no more about the matter.

Once I have my mitts on your prestigeous career (along with the entitlement to go into the British Library) I shall write Toilet Man: The Movie! This will be a A Good Thing and Bafta will recognise I am a worthy Jimbo substitute.

James Moran said...

Quiet, you gin-sodden wench! Back into the corner! By the way, it's pronounced "Bafter", as per the French and Saunders "Silence of the Lambs" sketch: "To win awards... Bafters..."