Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Busier than a bee on National Bee Activity Day

I'm just realising how stupidly busy I am. I've got all of December off (sabbatical baby, 6 years of service at the office gets me a free month off), so I've got some time to get things done. And I need it. Got to finish the rewrite of Curfew, finish the 2nd half of a spec collaboration, do a paid outline for a TV one-off, finish another paid outline for a film, and possibly find time to rewrite the untitled comedy spec. Oh, and after the excellent meeting on Tuesday for the secret TV thing, I need to work on ideas for that, because it might possibly happen, which is cool. And an old, old project that I thought was long dead seems to have sparked some interest - more news as we get it.

Was in the BBC for another meeting the other day, and while being led through the insane labyrinthine corridors, passed by the TARDIS. Just sitting there, innocently. Naturally, I got a picture of myself in front of it, eyebrow arched enigmatically, pretending to be a Timelord. I touched it, too. It's the old one, so it's not being used. Except when I travel in it through time and space, of course.

The TV saga endeth: Spent 2 days trying to fax my details to Philips. Endless muppets on the phone insisted the fax was working, and that they had been receiving other faxes non stop - the machine was in a different part of the building, so it took them several minutes to go and check each time. One time, the bloke went off, came back, and said yeah, it's working. Is there paper in it, I asked. Hang on, he said. And went off AGAIN! Wouldn't you have checked that the first time?? Knowing that it's a long journey? Anyway, after 2 days of this, they finally said "oh, the fax is broken, has been for 2 days". So how come you told me it was working, and has been merrily receiving faxes the whole time? "Oh, don't know who you spoke to, but it's broken, sorry, the engineer is on the way, so if you try again just before 5pm, it should be fixed..." You're OBVIOUSLY lying to me, I spluttered. No answer. So I gave in, and posted everything off, with what I believe would be described as a "stinking" letter. Got a polite reply from Philips, saying that if I pay the first 300 quid of the repairs, they'll cover whatever the rest is. Only I have to pay it all first, then claim it back from them. Which means dropping several hundred quid just before Christmas. And you *know* I wouldn't see the refund till January. I refuse to throw good money after bad, so they can fuck off, frankly. I'm going to start renting again. It may be a waste of money, because you don't own the thing, but at least if the TV explodes they'll just give me a new one. The rental arrives on Monday, a fancy Toshiba 32 inch LCD thingy, HD ready, with a 4-slice toaster, and an oral sex adaptor (separate to the toaster bit, for obvious reasons). Any suggestions what to do with the old telly? Well, it's not old, it's just over a year old, a ridiculously expensive piece of kit that is now useless. I'm going to whip the back off and see if it's just some loose cables or something, in which case I can sell it. If not, then it's either for the bin, eBay, or the fires of Mount Doom. You reckon anybody would want to buy a telly that doesn't work? People buy any old shit on the internet, don't they?

On the plus side, the BAFTA swag haul is getting bigger - lots of free screeners for movies. Most of the first batch were shite (The DaVinci Code? For consideration in ALL categories?? Fuck off) but some good ones have arrived, like Pan's Labyrinth and Little Miss Sunshine. The only problem with them is that I can never ever give/lend/throw any away, because they're digitally marked - if they turn up on the web, they'll be traced back to me. They said that if I want to bin them, I'll need to cut the discs in half with scissors. DaVinci Code, you're first, mate.

New! Update! Don't forget, Severance is out on DVD on the 8th January, 2007, with a commentary featuring most of us, deleted scenes, making-of, outtakes, and all sorts of other extras, special bits, and thingies. If you go to RIGHT NOW you can pre-order it - you won't get it any earlier, but by jingo, you'll be a part of something bigger than all of us. It's also available on Amazon and every other online shop, and normal shops too. It makes an excellent post-Christmas present, January sales present, or just a standard Christmas present if you're not into the whole punctuality thing. Whatever you do though, check out the brand spanking new DVD cover:

Severance DVD

Clicky-clicky to go and pre-order, or just to look at the page, or just because it's fun to click things.

This is post 299. Are you as excited as I am??


Anonymous said...

Why don't you just smash the bastard thing up with a cricket bat? Fuck that shit...

Sarah Dobbs said...

That cover is really cool. And sometimes Play screw up and dispatch stuff early, and then you get to be smug for a couple of days before the actual release. Which is ace.

Dan said...

My dad had a nasty case of the "Philips". Also received crappy service after his TV packed up so he ended up taking it to an independent company to get it fixed. I think they used the words: "it's fucked", "not worth fixing", followed by "don't ever buy Philips" and then "they're shit".

If my dad had known you before your purchase he would have told you that himself. But he didn't so he couldn't.

Liking the DVD cover. Good luck with the pre-sales.

Bang2Write said...

I told you I'd watch it but I'm broke so won't buy it and cancelled my LoveFilm subscription 'cos I'm broke so can't order it. However you have my word that, if I remember, one month from now I'll go to Choices (now Blockbuster in these parts moi dear...) and rent it. Ok?

Amanda said...

Let's first address whether I am as excited as you:

I'm moderately excited.

Please confirm forthwith whether I am, infact, as excited as you or if I need to crank it up a notch or fifty.

Without a doubt I shall own Severance. Oh, yes, it will be mine. (Little reference for you there. An easy one you'd get with your eyes closed...but wait. No you wouldn't. Because how would you read it with closed eyes? Not as easy as I first imagined.)

I couldn't really care less about the cover because us kids of a certain age will recall that all the coolest covers in the video store spawned evenings of watching the most dire, schlockiest crapola ever conceived. (It's a shame Miss Sarah Dobbs is so young - she'd have loved it back in our day and would perhaps not hate everything so very much). The cover *is* cool though...

Hmmm, Tv's. Well, I'm the twat who bought a rear projection TV just before the technology changed. It's a nice and big (whey-hey!) 42 incher, and thankfully not a widescreen (I hate the fucking things...and I *know* I'll be forced to get one when the signal changes but I will stubbonly not get one until then. Or after.) But it's not, I've discovered, a good thing to have when your children decided to play football in front of it and break the screen. Yeah, it has a huge crack. And I felt like I was ON crack when I discovered the damage and foamed at the mouth.

Maybe I'll be caving and upgrading courtesy of my flexible friend. Heh. Another reference those of a certain age will remember - know what I'm talking about Dobbsey? :P

Jools said...

If you had asked your big sister before buying a Philips piece of poo equipment, she would have told you never to buy anything electrical from Philips, because they are snot from up yer nose.
I feel smug now!

Sarah Dobbs said...

It's a shame Miss Sarah Dobbs is so young - she'd have loved it back in our day and would perhaps not hate everything so very much

I don't hate EVERYTHING. I just like to pretend. Except Broken. I do hate that.

So there.

rawshark said...

Still waiting for blog 300...
Ooh - the anticipation...

btw - just saw your letter in Total Film you old pedant you. (-;

James Moran said...

Dan: Damn your dad for not knowing me, so that he could warn me. Damn him!

Jools: Smugness is very ugly. Smugly.

As for Philips, it seems that everyone in the world except me knew that they were a pile of shite. Lovely new TV arrived today, I told the man my story, and he just went "PHILIPS???" in disbelief. Bastard. Fuck knows what I'm going to do with his dead body.

Sarah: I really really want to order it off Play, just for the experience of it, even though I'll be getting a free copy. I cannot explain this madness.

Mike: I'm so ridiculously excited that they printed it. I've always wanted a letter printed somewhere, I feel validated!

Amanda: You need to crank it up 50 notches. Cause I'm really really excited. I won't demean us both by naming the movie quote, too easy, by far! And by the way: widescreen or nothing, baby. Explain your fullscreen prejudice immediately, or face the consequences.

Tim said...

James. Don't forget to vote otherwise they don't send you the BAFTA dvds next year. And some of them are time-limited anyway so you can't even use them after Jan07! Clever

James Moran said...

Tim: I'll be voting this weekend, so I can give it the proper time and consideration. Luckily, all of the DVDs except the latest two have been normal, not time-limited. And the two that are, are movies I don't like at all - bonus!

300th post coming soon, just recovering from another bout with the space virus, the bastard.

soulmining said...

Ooh, there's a review of the DVD over at now!

A certain Mr Moran gets namechecked rather a lot...

Btw, can you republish your Total Film letter here so we can all read it, or do I have to go and steal a copy from WHSmiths?

Amanda said...

You'll have noticed, being that your every moment is checking for my replies, that I have not justified my widescreen prejudice.

Well, the thing is, prejudice is by it's very nature unreasonable and therefore I can only offer this by way of explaination: I'm a girl!

Oh, and I'm much more excited now. Can't wait to see entry 300 in all it's tri-centennial glory.