Wednesday, January 10, 2007

The monster is loose

Well, my agent finally named his new puppy, and he is called... Paddington. Not Cujo, as I suggested. Anyway, as promised, here he is - behold, the fearsome hellhound that guards my agent's lair:

No, that's not his lunch, it's a pet. Anyway, we all know that agents eat babies, not puppies.


Amanda said...

*makes the usual girlish squeally 'Awww look at the puppy!' noises*

But, hey, Paddington? They're bound to end up calling him Paddy. They've given their dog a name that makes him sound like a drunken Irishman. For shame.

Anonymous said...

Jago rocks!

potdoll said...

I NEEEED that puppy.

Chris (UK Scriptwriter) said...

Does this mean that agents actually have a soft side?

You've done it now James. All agents will hate you. "You have taken away the fear!" ;)


PS Could you tell me where you got your new blogger template from? Or if you did it yourself, did you base it on one of the default ones?

I can't seem to find any nice clean looking templates for the new blogger so I'm holding off moving.

Anonymous said...

Great blog,

Maybe a stupid question but do you know roughly how much a writer would get paid if we sold an idea for a tv series?

Gareth D

Anonymous said...

Jago is soooo cute. What breed is he?

Anonymous said...

I think Jago's cute too with his wet shiny nose. And with those big paws, he's going to be a giant when he grows up.

carlton163 said...
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The Writer said...


Can I ask what agency you are repped by? I've currently got my spec being read by PFD, and two other agencies, so I'd love to approach your agency too. They may respond to my writing.

I've been searching the internet for info on Jason Newmark's agency though as as I'd try sending him my script too if it were possible.

Thanks a million, Mr. Pro.

By the way Amanda, that was close to being really offensive.

carlton163 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
carlton163 said...

Are the rumours true that Paddington sits alone in your agent's darkened living room at night, then when 3.33am rolls around, his head spits open and all manner of alien nastiness spills out? My spies tell me that he then turns into a big gunk-spewing spider, crawls around the walls and ceiling until dawn breaks, then transforms back into the Paddington your agent knows and loves, and starts yapping. Good day to you, sir.

Jason Arnopp

PS Fantasportoooo!

Amanda said...

The Writer, please know it was not intended in any offensive way, more (very) tongue in cheek. I do apologise sincerely if you, or anyone else, took offense. Clearly given James' heritage I would need to be very stupid or completely joking to say such a thing. It was, infact, the second ;)

S'odd, as Jimbo and I were having a conversation about racism just this very evening.

James Moran said...

Amanda: Your sickening, foul-mouthed comments are making me cry. For shame!

Potdoll: You'll have to fight him to the death for the puppy.

Chris: No, it's purely to fool you into thinking he's nice - that's when he's most dangerous... Template is "Thisaway Blue" on the new Blogger templates list, should be at or near the top. There are plenty of similar, nice clean ones, it's well worth it.

Gareth: Depends on the writer, and so on, but I think for normal channels it's anything between 4 and 20 grand per hour of produced telly, assuming it gets made and you don't get kicked off. Brand new writers would be at the lower end, very experienced ones are top end. That could be for any number of outlines, treatments, and drafts of scripts, depending how the company works.

Anonymous: I think the real Jago is going to come and find you, in your office, and bring the smackdown. He knows. Run.

Other Anon: Golden retriever, although that's Paddington. Jago's breed is "agent", allegedly human, though I've never seen him in the daytime.

TheWriter: I'm a PFD boy. Jason's production company is Dan Films, And Amanda was joking, she's local, so we'll have no trouble here - sheath those claws...

Mr Arnopp: That is exactly what happens. But you could only know if you are The Thing...

The Writer said...


It's funny how tone never comes across in posts. It didn't offend me. We Irish can take a joke. We're the ones that tell the most Paddy Irish jokes. In fact, I remember going to see Gangs of New York and Daniel Day Lewis stated in one diatribe against the Irish "God made the world in 7 days, and on the 8 day he took a shit, and made Ireland." Well, it almost brought the house down. Offended as we were.

Thanks a million, James.

Lauren said...

Hey There

I was wondering if YOU could help me. Do you have an email u can give out IF not please answer here!

Im making a site on Laura Harris and was wonderinng if you know:

- Anywhere i can find good INFO, PHOTOS, etc
- Where i can email her agent or anyone who could help
- a FANMAIL address for Laura


James Moran said...

Lauren: This site: - is the only one I know of, it has info, pics, and an agency address. The guy who runs it might have more info, I think his email is on the site. Good luck!

Lauren said...

Thank you so much James. It is so awesome to talk to you. I absolutely LOVE Severance, i saw it in the cinema and i brought the DVD yesterday! :D

NICE WRITING! :) its awesome

If i come up with any qus, can i post somehere for u please? :)

James Moran said...

Cheers! Glad you liked it - yep, ask any questions you want, I'll answer them here on the blog.