Monday, January 08, 2007

Severance available on Region 2 DVD now

Severance is out on Region 2 DVD right now!

Severance DVD
Buy it here, from

Or here, from

Or anywhere you like, I guess. It's £11.99 on both sites, but Play has free delivery, and you can't put a price on that. Well, you can, I suppose. Just buy it, or I'll smash your face in.

Amazon chart latest: Severance has climbed to number 16 in the Amazon chart. But terrifyingly, after falling down to 34, Vicky Entwistle is suddenly right up at 25 - and poor Nell McAndrew has skidded down to 59. In the chart, Severance is at 12, which is pretty good. I'll keep updating when I can, and as soon as I get the official UK DVD chart. But we all know the main action is at Amazon, the bare knuckle fistfight between me, Vicky and Nell.

And finally, was out with the usual bunch of rascals, ne'er-do-wells and outright criminals last Saturday, when a guy came around selling pirate DVDs. I was utterly shocked and horrified - because he didn't have Severance. Honestly, you work your arse off creating something you love, and the dodgy blokes with sports bags full of pirated movies don't even have the decency to stock it. What is the world coming to?

Amazon update: Severance climbs to 13 - and Vicky fucking Entwistle jumps ahead to number 7... What's that all about? At least Nell has regained some ground, up to 45. Is anyone still reading this, apart from me? I feel like a lone warrior, fighting with obscure workout videos. Yes, I can see you, The Hotpants Workout, sneaking up to number 47. You'll never take me alive.


Amanda said...

Don't smash my face in! I'm too young to die. Infact, some people seem to think I'm younger than 16 years old, but I digress...

So, if dodgy bloke didn't have Severance, what *did* he have? And I say thank your lucky stars he didn't have it... piracy funds organised crime! Guns! Drugs! Prostitution! Selling babies into slavery! And other evil stuff! It's true, really it is! *earnest look*

Oh, it hurts the film industry too :P

Well, he either didn't have it or he'd sold out already...

James Moran said...

That's the insulting part - he had *everything* else. All the latest releases, and a load of ones I'd never heard of. He even had The Marine, starring John Cena - but not top-ten UK box office smash Severance. The mind! It boggles!

I'm not too keen on organised crime and stuff, but I'm fully in favour of baby servants. The little swines don't pull their weight - the trouble with most 3-month-olds is they don't *want* to work.

Film Chic said...

I know that I personally have been on the edge of my seat waiting for these Amazon updates. It's kept me glued to my computer!!

And I have to agree with Amanda. That guy must have just sold the last copy. You didn't see the happy couple skipping off with their purchase? Or does everyone skip in London? Hmmm.

Amanda said...

Incidently, have you *seen* the Vicky Entwistle dvd cover? Hell, I'm a size 8 and I'm tempted to buy the thing because that slobbish Battersby woman is all thin and toned and tight! She still has the scariest mouth ever known to man, which I believe inspired Joss Weadon when he imagined The Gentlemen, but hats off** to the woman. The results of her *cough*druguse?*cough* workouts are quite spectacular and worth anyones £12.99.

Not as good as leg in a bear-trap mind. That made me wince more than any slobby woman jumping around in a leotard ever could. I'd have to buy Severance on wince-factor alone, see?

I seem to be making less sense than usual and I'll bet Film Chic regrets agreeing with me now.

**I have no hat

Dan said...

Dodgy geezers in pubs is sooo last year.

I think you'll find it in the top ten illegal download charts.

Jools said...

It's number 3 in the Woolies chart, and has left Vicky and Nell dead in the water.
Blockbuster also gave it 10/10 in their review!

Phillip Barron said...

Vicky's 8, you're 9. The tension is kiling me. I may have to buy a copy just to see if it jumps up a notch.

soulmining said...

The dodgy bloke in the pub even had Renny Harlin's latest 'blockbuster' The Covenant in his stash (I was tempted...) - what was funny is that we showed him a picture of the Severance poster, he just looked at us blankly and gave us the pile of DVD covers to look through again...

I for one am on the edge of my seat following these DVD chart updates... especially now that the music charts have been sullied by the inclusion of downloads (which now include any downloads, not just commercially available singles... does anyone else think that's just plain wrongheaded?)... anyway, I digress, after Fopp's debacle last week they didn't even have Severance on the shelves today - unless, of course, they sold them all last week before I reported them to the police.

Btw, who is this Vicky Entwistle woman you speak of? Should I know of her work? I thought you meant Vicky Pollard when I first read your post... yeah but no but yeah but no bu yeah, let's not go there.

Sarah Dobbs said...

I think those dodgy guys only have ripped-off versions of films currently showing in cinemas. So they probably had Severance during September... maybe. He was rubbish though.

James Moran said...

Now she's still 8, we're 10. Apparently she's in Coronation Street. And used to be fat. And is now thin. Thanks to her weight-off workout.

It's at 7 in the Play chart, and is their DVD pick of the week - wahey!

Dom Carver said...

See now I have a dilema. I've paid for my Severance DVD but you keep going on about the Nell McAndrew DVD and I have to admit I'm tempted. Do I cancel my Severance DVD and by Nell's, or stay as I am??? I know which one will give me the more entertainment.

Still if I did buy Nell's DVD I'd have to hide it from the wife coz she knows I interviewed Nell 6 years ago for Bournemouth University's Stoodent mag and that Nell's stalked me ever since. All those phone calls, letters and leud's just not fair.

Who cares what number it is in the charts, what matters is that it's selling.

soulmining said...

Breaking news folks... Severance is the 'DVD of the week' and number 1 in the charts at ASDA! Woo and indeed Hoo! And (so I've been reliably informed by Rich from Music Zone, still clinging onto his job...) is also the number 1 DVD in Music Zone stores this week!

Take that Nell!