Monday, February 26, 2007

Fantasporto Day 2

Oh, what a sorry sight we all were today. We were supposed to do a morning tour of some port cellars, but we were all unconscious. We were then supposed to be at a lunch thing, but didn't make it out of the hotel until nearly 2pm. The only thing making me get up was knowing this press conference was at about 3pm, so I hauled Jay out of his room and we went for some chicken and chips round the corner. And lots of coffee and orange juice. Headed into the MovieTown tent where they had a proper press conference area set up, a big table and about 30 chairs facing it. Suddenly got an attack of nerves, and installed myself in an audience chair until the thing started, nursing a bottle of water and an orange juice. First up were two lovely Portuguese blokes, but I can't tell you who they were or what their movie was, because I didn't understand one single word.

Finally it was my turn, and I went up to the table to face the grilling. Jay had convinced me to have a beer by this stage, so I sipped at that and hoped that my head wouldn't fall off, which it was threatening to do. Started off a bit nervous and quiet, but it soon livened up. There were quite a lot of people there, and thankfully Jay was on hand to get things going, and keep things going, by asking plenty of good questions. I talked, and talked, and talked, and cracked jokes, and answered things, and waffled on, and said things that were in outrageously bad taste, and had a great time. They really enjoyed the movie, and I keep getting people coming up to tell me their favourite bits, which is really cool. After the press thing, a guy asked me to sign his brochure on the Severance page, and maybe draw a plane (you'll know why when you've seen the movie), which I managed even though I can't draw to save my life (it was a stick figure style plane). He then gave me a copy of his short film, which was very nice of him, so I'll watch that later on.

Brief break for drink, a TV interview, and then it was time for The Horror Bus, which was a fun, quirky kids' horror movie, which didn't have a lot of bus action, but was very interesting and strange. I liked it. Once it finished, we all headed off to stuff our faces with meat and chips, and around 11 I had to just bail out and come and quietly die screaming into my bed. Which is where I am now. Tomorrow, Simon Rumley (director of The Living and the Dead) is arriving, it's the last day for Karim (one of our posse), so we're probably going to have a late one again. So I'm going to sleep now, to prepare for the insanity.


Anonymous said...

You and Jay and Simon together again?!?

Someone better call and warn the authorities now.


Anonymous said...

did your wife get to go?