Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Fantasporto Day 3

Feeling better today, thanks to a nice sleep, and actually waking up for breakfast for a change. Had a lie in, got showered and ready, and was able to face the world. Got a razor from the hotel reception, which was so fiddly and blunt, it was like shaving with a fork. No, a spork. But it did the job, and with only 3 pints of blood spilled, so hey, who's laughing now? Not me, my face is too stiff. So we started nice and early with Jade Warrior at 3pm, a bizarre fantasy fable doomed love martial arts epic, which was a Finnish and Chinese co-production, so it had all the swoopy slowmo epic fighting stuff mixed in with a bizarre, quirky sense of humour. We all very much enjoyed it. Oh, and Mike from eatmybrains gave me a superb eatmybrains cap, which I'm very happy with. He doesn't realise it makes me look like a crazy serial killer. Not yet. He'll find out one night, when he wakes up and sees me looming over him with a knife.

After that, it was dinner time, and I had The Biggest Steak in the World. Didn't get a photo, as no camera could manage it. This was a half portion, mind. Lots of beers were drunk, lots of arguments were argued, and much food was sunk. We then went to MovieTown for some beers, then the cinema to catch a short film - Rabbit, which was insanely weird, but hilariously sick - and then out to a bar.

And that's when things got fuzzy. I think we went to the upstairs cinema bar, then went wandering down by the riverside for more places. Found a nice place with some serious locals, then staggered into another place, a groovy karaoke bar with an excellent selection of tunes. It looked like it was closed, and they weren't letting anyone in - but Simon just talked his way in, so we all said "I'm with Simon" and strode in. After a while, they were giving us free shots of vodka and port, so I think we did okay. It all got *very* fuzzy after that, so I'm going to leave it there. We lost Jay about 11pm, so I have no idea where he ended up. But I'm fairly sure he's alive. Possibly. I have no idea what's happening tomorrow, I think we've been invited to meet up with the barmaid and her mates somewhere (from the free shot place), so we'll probably all get killed. It all got quite drunken and mad, so my memory is vague. But I do remember Karim singing "I Am Woman", really passionately and loudly. Karim is a man. And not a woman. But he sang the song anyway. And I think that should be applauded. I think things ended about 3 or 4am, but my memory is trashed, so we may have all gone to the moon for all I know. Tomorrow morning will be... painful.

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soulmining said...

Oh my, I know that feeling only too well today. Let's just I've had the worst hangover since the Severance aftershow... McEvoy was down last night for the Matt Berry show, enough said. My boss spotted me in our local at 11pm... I have no memory of this whatsoever.

Fancy another beer then?