Saturday, February 24, 2007

The MeatMan Cometh

This will be the last entry before I head off to Portugal for fun and frolics, as I'll be spending most of the weekend standing over an empty bag wondering where I hid all my t-shirts. I can usually pack for any trip in about 5 minutes, and then spend about 5 hours frozen in panic, thinking I've forgotten something, and ransacking the bag to make sure the items haven't leaped out since I last checked 12 seconds ago. I think I'll be introducing Severance at the screening over there, but am not sure if I'm doing a Q+A. Happy to do one, just have no idea if I am or not. So it will be a voyage of discovery. My fellow Austin psychopath Jay Slater will be there too, and knows all the right places to go. I've heard tell of a local dish, which is a killer sandwich, filled with 800 different kinds of meat, cheese, and spicy sauce, that has brought down men twice my size. Obviously I am compelled to take on this sandwich in combat. For I am MeatMan, the Man who eats Meat. I'm going to regret saying these words, I can feel it in my urine.

Secret TV Episode draft has been refined and handed in, with plenty of time to spare before the deadline. I'm hoping to finish the new outline for BBC One-Off Thing on Saturday, but might have to work on it on the flight over (it's 2 hours), or the mornings next week (films don't start till around 4, but I may be in a meat-induced coma in the mornings). The other TV things are still up in the air at the moment, waiting to hear back (but looking good), and there are some interesting new possibilities that may develop in the next few weeks, so we'll see how that goes.

Hot Fuzz is very, very funny, full of great characters, dialogue, and silly references. The two boys are great, and it's packed with amazing actors like Edward Woodward, Billie Whitelaw, and a hilarious turn by Paddy Considine. But the star of the show? Timothy Dalton. "Lock me up, I'm a slasher... of prices!" The man should be in every film ever, he's fucking fantastic. He glides around the movie, popping up to boom out some cracking lines, twirling his moustache, totally stealing the movie and obviously enjoying himself hugely. I've always loved his work, ever since I saw him in Flash Gordon as the moustachio'd Prince Barin ("Freeze! Ya bloody bastids!"), and I don't care what anyone says, he was a fucking cool Bond, doing the gritty, no-nonsense thing well before Casino Royale. He's great in The Rocketeer too, a very underrated movie, where he also has an excellent moustache. And if you get a chance, try and see Hawks, with him and Anthony Edwards, it's heartbreaking and hilarious, and they both turn in amazing performances. I'd love to see him on stage, but missed the 'His Dark Materials' production he was in, so hopefully I can catch him in something else soon. Tim, I salute you.

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Film Chic said...

We ran into Timothy Dalton at a grocery store here in Austin once. He totally grabs your attention with his presence in person, making him a perfect actor. It was sad, though, seeing him with old man glasses, slightly tacky clothes, and single serving meal items. Ah, celebrities, they're just real people after all. Dammit.