Thursday, March 01, 2007

Fantasporto Day 5

As expected, because yesterday was a quiet one, today was... not so much with the quietness. Started off slowly, we were all quite tired. Got to the cinema bar, had a few beers, and saw off Mike - it was his last day, so we were a man down. But we swiftly added another member to our gang, a jolly bloke called Phil, the director of The Listening Dead. Went off for some dinner, had several beers and lots of meat, and then it all went horribly wrong from there. In a good way. Called in at Colin's hotel and met up with Henry Thomas, who has been in lots of movies, his most famous role being Elliott in E.T. which is showing here at the retrospective. He's really nice, and came out boozing with us, which I think he's regretting today, because of the amount of drink that was sunk. We ended up at some crazy bar called Bad Habits, and started drinking and drinking and drinking. He kept up with us, and was great fun, joining in the madness whole heartedly.

Christ, we were so, so drunk. It's a miracle none of us woke up in an alleyway, surrounded by lots of smashed fruit items and a dead hooker. Although Jay has been hiding his face from any passing police officers, so he may not be telling us the entire truth.

It's St. David's Day today, which I remember because it was the day we moved to Ireland in 1983. This blog is rapidly turning into a late afternoon DJ show, with rambling anecdotes and interesting trivia.

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