Thursday, March 29, 2007

Northeastern tights keep him hip

Some news and links, for your procrastinating pleasure.

A brand, spanking new U.S. trailer for Severance. I like it way, way more than the UK trailer, which gives too much away - oddly, this shows more, but doesn't spoil anything, which is clever. And it's got a Mr Voice on it, which excites me indecently (it's not *the* Mr Voice, but still, *a* Mr Voice). Plus it's got that slightly cheesy trailer feel, which is fun. The U.S. release has been moved to May 18th, by the way, which is a good idea - it was going to come out the same day as Grindhouse, which would have killed it dead. So if you live in the U.S. - and quite a lot of people do, it's a big place - go and check it out.

Severance is featured in the new issue (#262) of Fangoria, and even mentioned on the cover:'s on the left, in the middle, really small.. but it's there! It's a bit of a thrill for me - when I was a kid, it was the first proper horror magazine I'd ever seen, it seemed custom designed for the splatter geek that I was, and still am. So being on the cover - even in a tiny way - is great. Plus, it shares the cover with Tarantino and Kurt fucking Russell, which is amazingly cool. The magazine is out now, but might not arrive in the UK for a few more days, so make sure you don't grab the previous issue by mistake. Don't forget kids, Severance is released in the U.S. on the 18th May! Bring your friends!

There's a great interview here with an unsung screenwriting hero of mine, David Koepp. Never heard of him? You may have heard of some of the movies he wrote. Panic Room. Spider-Man. Mission Impossible. Jurassic Park. Carlito's Way. I don't know how he does it, I suspect some sort of Faustian pact is involved. The guy always knocks out tight, solid scripts, and is really nice and funny with it. He also directs, and did the superb Stir Of Echoes, which was undeservedly overlooked. He has a lot of interesting stuff to say, but mainly I'm relieved to hear that, just like the rest of us, he pisses around on the internet for hours before forcing himself to start writing.

Online anagram generator - yay, another site to waste time on instead of writing. Soon I will be able to fill 24 hours a day with messing around, and never have to work. Of course, I'll be living on the streets and starving, but hey, swings and roundabouts. Best anagrams for "the pen is mightier than the spork": "Apprehension might shit the trek", "Enterprising sheath kept him hot", "He hikes tight northeastern pimp", and "Northeastern tights keep him hip". Best ones for "James Moran" are "smear jam on" and "Joe's man ram". Obviously the longer the phrase, the more anagrams you get back.

Off to Dublin today, for a long weekend, so I'll be bloggo incognito until next week, at which point I promise to post the final Fantasporto day report. Talk amongst yourselves, don't look at any of *those* websites, and try and stay out of trouble - at least until I get back…


Lucy said...

That's it, go back from whence you came, you Irish freak!!! ; )

hotzappa11 said...

I looked the anagram one, gah. Have fun.

jim said...

Well done, James. Making the cover of Fangoria has to feel pretty darn good. If you like Kurt Russell, you'll love this link:

Kurt's dad owned a minor-league baseball team here in Portland, Oregon, and this article is about a recent team reunion. He's not the only Hollywood connection - the team's batboy made a name for himself, too.

In a couple of years, when you're living next door to Hugh Grant in some snotty neighborhood and people from The Sun are digging through your trash for clues to your extravagant, decadent lifestyle, maybe your present co-workers will join reporters at an event like this and have at you, for the record.

Dan said...

David Koepp is writing/directing a film starring Ricky Gervais called Ghost Town. Wonder what that'll turn out like?

What? Can't do a 24 hour stint on the internet yet? Pussy amateur surfer!

Jiangtou said...

but the trailer gives the missle to plane gag away! boo!!!!!

soulmining said...

Come on, keep up, you haven't posted the US movie poster for Severance yet... ;)

I want to know where they got that chainsaw from...???

Jim (other Jim) - is Portland THE coolest place in the US for music?!!

Have a good weekend,

Phil (Hyped Net Foe)

Jim said...

Hey Soul -

I can only compare Portland to Seattle for music, but there are a lot of good venues here for a very wide range of bands and styles. You can read every paper and check every phone-pole poster but you'll still have a friend tell you that he saw some band you've never heard of at a place you never knew existed and you wonder how they got under your radar, released multiple albums and attracted a loyal fan base without you finding out until now. Unlike Seattle, Portland and (most of) the people in it don't take themselves too seriously, are more into winging it than trying to imitate another act. That doesn't mean there aren't crappy bands here, however.

james henry said...

I didn't realise Sev hadn't come out in the States yet, very exciting. And put me down as another David Koepp fan.