Friday, April 27, 2007

I'm in the TV club

Right. This week has been... pretty crazy busy. So has last week. Getting bucketloads of TV meetings at the moment, for new and upcoming TV series - some are in early development, and want writers to help flesh the thing out, some are in full swing and want writers to do an episode. They might all want me on board, or they might all never contact me again, you never know. But all the meetings have gone well so far, and I'd love to be involved with all of them. Most of them involve reading through the material, which is cool because I get to learn all Teh Sekrit Stuff of upcoming TV shows, nyah nyah I'm not telling. One of them sent a show bible and 3 episodes on DVD, so I'll devour those over the weekend.

But still lots to do apart from that. I'm doing a rewrite for a horror comedy movie, and finishing some other outlines. In the midst of this, I had a meeting to discuss the notes for the next draft of Secret TV Episode. It went really well, excellent notes as always, lots of laughter again, fun time had by all. I was never sure though if my episode was actually going to happen, because I'm not on the main staff, I'm a freelancer - and on every show, things get moved around and sometimes held back. But today, I got the call letting me know - my episode is definitely in. I shouted "WAHEYYY!" over the phone at them, as you do, and jumped up and down a lot.

So. That was the good news. The exciting news was that, er, things are moving along rather more quickly than expected. Which means I will have to enter hummingbird mode, and finish the new draft for this Thursday. 6 days from now. And then on Thursday I can visit the sets, to get a feel for them before I work on the next draft (and keep working on it as much as possible). And then, very soon, like in about 5 or 6 weeks I think, they will start filming it. HOLY FUCKY BUM BANANAS.

I'm so excited, I can barely speak. I love telly. It's nice, it's fast, and your stuff gets made really quickly.

Out in the movie world, the Severance score has been nominated for an Ivor Novello award, which is great news, and I hope it wins.

Meanwhile, the Severance US release date approaches (18th May! Bring the whole family!) I've been reliably informed that there are now actual movie posters up in New York (and probably elsewhere, but the bloke was in NY at the time when he saw them). If anyone sees one, take a pic and email it in, I'd love to see it.

More updates to the blog coming soon, including a proper sidebar section with links to useful posts, so that people can find things more easily. I've updated the profile and other bits and bobs, so people can email questions in if they choose, or send in saucy photographs of themselves, or both.


Anonymous said...

All sounds good. Looking forward to seeing the TV episode of... whatever it actually is.

Amanda said...

You've got sekrits and... I'll torture you until I get them out of you.

There. This is the kind of thing I've felt compelled to say since watching Severance. I think it's got subliminal messages in it, making me want to do violence. And horror. Like what they did in the film.

So, put that in your pipe and smoke it, MPAA... because trimming a bloody stump from the website will never stop Jimbo's world domination plans whilst the subliminal stuff is left intact. Hurrah! Where did I put my bowie knife again?

(You already know I'm giddy with excitement over your good news so I just thought I'd answer the last post. In this post. Like you do).

hotzappa11 said...

Congratabulallylations! ha. Good luck with everything.

BTW, how long should you wait to get an e-mail reply back from PFD?

Is a week enough before giving up, or should i wait 2 weeks and then give up? heh.

Phillip Barron said...

Great news, James. It's all go aint it?

Neal Romanek said...

Good job. You never know what exactly is going to come out of the meetings - something, nothing, nothing-that-is-pretending-to-be-something - but it's good to get them. People need to see your face!


Lauren said...

even though i saw Severance at the movies and i have the dvd, if i was in the USA in May for the release, i would still go see it in the theatres there too!! IT IS THAT AWESOME :D

Really guys, go see it!!

James Moran said...

Thanks everyone!

Amanda: Keep sharpening the knife. The time of purification will soon arrive.

Hotzappa: A month is probably a safe bet - people might be on holiday, or dealing with other things, etc etc. But if you don't get a reply after a month, try them again, I reckon.

Lauren: Cheers! I think you're now the official Severance cheerleader, with pom-poms and everything.

hotzappa11 said...

Oh, thanks very james, i was worrying for a minute cause i thought they were blanking me, ha.

I've been waiting 2 weeks, so here's to another 2.

Lauren said...

''Lauren: Cheers! I think you're now the official Severance cheerleader, with pom-poms and everything.''

LOL ... WOOO give me a S .. E .. V ..... yeah u know the rest ;)

how r ya lately James? Is there a premiere for its release in the US? will u be attending anything?


Lauren said...

Amanda, im a special fx artist in training, how about i help u accomplish the things in Severance without violence LOL, or is that too boring?? :P

James Moran said...

Don't know if there's going to be an official premiere or not - I won't be going out there, mainly because I've got 2 major things to finish for the end of May, and don't have any time at all. Mad busy, hopefully I can update soon and say what I'm actually working on, instead of all the secrets...