Tuesday, May 29, 2007

And relax

Okay, I'm rested up a bit now. Stepped away from the keyboard Friday evening, and just had a long weekend of doing nothing. Watched some House, some Firefly, some CSI, two Amicus movies (The House That Dripped Blood, and And Now The Screaming Starts), and Die Hard 2. And about 40 minutes of Cutthroat Island before the pain of the bad movie overwhelmed us, and we had to lunge for the remote control to stop it. We nearly didn't make it, by that stage we were just convulsing on the floor, foaming at the mouth. It's a really, really bad movie. I thought it would just be a bit crap, but fun, like most supposed flops. But it's shite. The script is bad, the direction is all over the place, the acting's not much better, and everyone speaks in this really weird, speeded up half-Errol Flynn half-American accent, as if every sentence ends on an exclamation mark, like kids doing an impression of the Princess Bride banter or something. Geena Davis smashes through a shop while being chased on a carriage (somehow), and mid-chase, she shouts to Matthew Modine, who looks embarrassed by the whole thing, "I must visit that shop again, when I have more time!" Yeah, you do that, love.

Also lounged around a lot, read some scripts and two graphic novels, and went to the cinema to see 28 Weeks Later (very good, nice and gory, nowhere near as amazing as the first one but it never could be, I love the first unconditionally, but this one had a few annoying plotholes that I just can't overlook now I'm a jaded, cynical movie insider type bloke).

So basically I did nothing all weekend. Didn't even think about writing. And I felt no guilt at all. I'm now refreshed, fighting fit, and ready to crack on with work again. On my way to a script meeting now for New Precious Thing, and as soon as I've finished this blog post, I'll be getting on with the movie rewrite gig. Got a proper "deep tissue" massage booked for next week, to sort out my back muscles and shoulder trouble. Scared of the term "deep tissue". I hope it's not some big German bloke who beats me up.


Tiffany said...

Too funny about Cutthroat Island. My husband and I were just talking about whether or not we should see it, as the trailer played before the new Pirates at the Alamo. Thank you for saving our lives.

And I agree about 28 Weeks Later. Large plot holes, but quite enjoyable.

James Moran said...

Don't do it. Just... don't. Ooh, it's shockingly poor. And not even in a fun way.

Lucy said...

Anyone who watches Gina Davis and Matthew Modine in the same film VOLUNTARILY deserves to DIE. Harsh I know, but we have to keep the world a safer place.

And what do you mean you hope it's not some German bloke doing your massage?? You know full well it'll be ME: I've had to diversify from this script reading lark and become a masseuse to feed my starving babies. It's a new technique: it involves razor blades, nails and piano wire...

Anonymous said...

Hi James

my partner Darren Gross interviews Ian Ogilvy on the DVD commentary of AND NOW THE SCREAMING STARTS so please give it a listen!

Phil hansen

Anonymous said...

i am phil hansen not you...leave me out of this hogwash!!!! P.S. Death Cab sucks balls!!