Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Severance US release this Friday

Severance opens in America and Canada this Friday, 18th May! Wahey! Anybody wavering can check out the first 3 minutes online here - you'll need to convince the incredibly high security that you're old enough, by - get this - entering your date of birth. OMG! WTF? ETC! and so on.

Here's the current list of where it's playing in America - looks like it's playing in quite a few places, so if you're near any of them, please do go and check it out. For me. For your Uncle Jimbo.

And you can check out the official Palisade Defence website here, while you're waiting. I mean, do other things too, you'll probably see everything on the site in a few minutes, don't spend the whole week staring at it.

Will probably post again on Friday - got another big draft of Secret TV Episode to finish for Thursday, an outline for New Special TV Thing to do straight after that, and the movie rewrite to finish by 25th May. Not to mention the Space Virus, which has returned at just the right moment to fuck me over, and is making it very difficult to do anything except sit shaking on the sofa, skin tingling, bones aching, head feeling like someone's hammered several nails up my nose into my skull, and nostrils red raw from having to blow my nose every 12.3 seconds. Damn you, Space Virus - damn you to hell!

And just to update you on the secret TV stuff: all will be revealed at the end of this month. Just over 2 weeks from now. Yes.


Dom Carver said...

As you've kept us waiting we expect a very, very, very long post with all the details.... we will accept nothing less... and by we I mean me!

Danny Stack said...

"My movie opens in the States this Friday."

How fricking AWESOME is that!!

Dom Carver said...

Yeah, do you get the impression he's getting a bit blase about it all?

Big Dope said...

Oh, I'd say the opposite, the absolute opposite. Way to go Jamesss!!

Phillip Barron said...

Balls. I'm in the States right now, but I'm leaving tomorrow.

Oli said...

For a moment there, I thought Space Virus was some super-camp sci-fi thriller that you'd been holding back. But it's not.

Hope the movie does great stateside.

Zac said...

Only a few more days until Severance finally comes to sunny LA, and I can't friggin wait!
I was checking out the film's official site, and came across a cool mini-game where you "kick " severed heads at a hanging body in the foreground! Pretty damn cool!
You can check it out here: