Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Fights! Severance! And Heroes!

So we all had a big blog fight, but unfortunately it was broken up by police before a winner could be declared. All involved gave a good account of themselves, except for mine, which just slept in a corner. And just like that, a week passes. How bizarre. Anyway, I got my pages done, and sorted out my short story pitch. I still need to do the rewrite and pilot script, but I'm slowly getting on top of things. Last Sunday I spent from around 10am to 10pm writing, pretty much non stop apart from a quick breakfast and dinner, because I is teh hArdc0re. This weekend, I'm doing nothing. Nothing.

Just when you thought I couldn't possibly squeeze out any more Severance news: the R1 DVD of Severance will be out on 18th September, 2007, after storming through its limited release in the cinemas and garden sheds of America and Canada. Details of the DVD are here, although it looks like it has exactly the same extras as the R2 version. But hey, different cover! Oooooh!

Heroes starts its BBC2 run tonight, so if you haven't seen it, please check it out. The Beeb are showing the first two episodes in a row, along with a ten minute making-of thingy afterwards, so it's the perfect time to join in the fun.


Amanda said...

*joins in the fun*

Ooooh, Heroes.

Why do I feel like eating a bite-sized chocolate right now?

In other news I read a report recently that advertising doesn't work at ALL. What a relief.

Mark said...

Can you tell us anything about this short story? Have you written much short fiction?

James Moran said...

Mark: I'll say what it is if I get the job - it's for a collection, so if they choose my one, I'll be in it. But yep, I've been writing short stories for years, that's what I did before I got into this scriptwriting lark. Never been published though, because I hardly ever sent them anywhere, was too scared of rejection (yeah, I know, I was always clever like that). Haven't done one recently though, so I'm a bit out of practice.

martin said...


Ha, waited till the fight was over before I pounced, cos I'm sneaky like that.

And Olis right, you should definately bring the Kandyman back - you know it makes sense.