Monday, August 06, 2007

Dedication's what you need, if you want to be a record breaker

Do you want to be in the Guinness Book of Records? You do? In that case, why not join in the attempt at breaking the record for the world's largest Zombie Walk?

Yes, at 9.30am on Monday 27th August, in Leicester Square, zombies from all over (well, people dressed up as zombies, but actual zombies are welcome too, we're not Dead-ist here) will hopefully shuffle into the record books. It's being organised by the good people of, FrightFest, and Revolver entertainment, partly to try and break the record, partly to celebrate the release of The Zombie Diaries, a cracking new UK zombie movie (which will then be shown at 11am at FrightFest, get your tickets now if you want to see it). Assembly is in Leicester Square at 9.30am, then there's a short shuffle around the area, before a head count. All you need to do is turn up in a bit of zombie makeup, or even a zombie mask. Full details are here - keep checking the page for updates, join the Facebook or MySpace groups, and let's try and beat that record. Brains! Braaaaaaiiiiiiiiins!


Michael said...

Now I feel ilke the USA is falling behind in the zombie initiative. If they had something like this over here I'd be all over it... fooey.

Oh, thanks for giving me a heads up about the Red Planet contest, looks pretty cool

Oli said...


Won't be able to make it, but am sure it'll turn up on YouTube.

MarkC said...

This is very irresponsible. What if, during the record attempt, a real zombie invasion breaks out? It'll be chaos. THE FOOLS.

Neal Romanek said...

Zombie Walk, eh?

So these won't be the running zombies then.

Is Running Zombies a different category?

rawshark said...

Thanks for the plug Jimbo!

New website for the film and the walk (or shuffle if you like - and no, we're not running, we're not 'The Infected') now live here;

Oh, and if a real zombie invasion does break out, I think we'll have a better chance of surviving than most.. (-;

"Spread the word - and the word is 'Braaaiiinnsss'!"

James Moran said...

Rawshark's right, if they're running, they're not zombies. I love 28 Days Later and the DOTD remake, but zombies do not run. They shuffle. They stagger. They meander.

I'll be okay if there's a zombie outbreak - me and Jay fired shotguns and things in Austin, we practiced our headshots and everything. Come get some, zombie bastards!