Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Gorgeousness and gorgeosity made flesh

Shiny new things! Jimbo want! First, a bit of background: Stanley Kubrick is my favourite director of all time. A Clockwork Orange is my favourite movie of all time. Last year, Jo got me the Kubrick Archive book, as mentioned in this post. The level of fanatical detail he put into his work surpassed all boundaries of reason and sanity, and the results speak for themselves. But the only one of his movies I have on DVD is Dr. Strangelove. Until recently, Kubrick movies have been a bit of a disaster area on DVD. Different versions, different regions, cut, uncut, with a documentary, without, no special features, no commentaries, different aspect ratios, poor sound mix, shoddy transfers, etc etc. I held off buying them, thinking that surely someone would release proper, special editions sooner or later.

Well. They have. Look at this. 2-disc editions. Special features. Documentaries. Commentaries - Keir Dullea and Gary Lockwood on 2001, Malcolm McDowell on A Clockwork Orange, Adam Baldwin, Vincent D’Onofrio and frickin' R. Lee Ermey on Full Metal Jacket, and Garrett Brown on The Shining - yes, the same Garrett Brown who invented the Steadicam, and operated it on the movie itself (and who also trained Tamas Nyerges, the Steadicam operator on Severance, coincidentally). The set also includes Eyes Wide Shut (with lots of extras), and the Kubrick documentary A Life In Pictures. It's a Kubrick geekfest. Sadly there's no special edition treatment for the other movies yet, although Dr Strangelove already has an okayish release (and of course Spartacus has a superb 2-disc set, if you count that as a "proper" Kubrick, some do, some don't, you'd be surprised at the in-depth levels of bitter arguments amongst us obsessives - I do count it, by the way). Many of the others have bog-standard DVDs, so hopefully they'll give them all the same treatment. In the meantime, I'll be counting the minutes until this set is available in October (Region 1 at the moment, I imagine it'll be out on Region 2 soon after that). And as soon as it arrives, I shall be rubbing it all over myself in a disturbing display of lust. Now there's a lovely image for you.


Peter Pan said...

About fecking time too.
That said, 2001 has never quite been the same without the Mona Lisa that slides down the wall, like it had the first time I watched it. Granted, I was off my face on LSD at the time... This was all before I learned that drugs are bad mmmkay?

d f mamea said...


still no footage of Mr Ermey yelling "obscene insults and abuse for 15 minutes without stopping, repeating himself or even flinching despite being continuously pelted with tennis balls and oranges" (IMDB).

it's a start.

Good Dog said...

What 12 frames did you get in the Kubrick book?

I get Dave Bowman, old, post- Star Gate, dressed in black.

Just heard from a pal in LA. He got the Star Child. Son. Of. A....!!!

James Moran said...

GD: I got a shot of them all sitting around in the funky waiting room on the space station - Heywood Floyd and a bizarrely Russian Leonard Rossiter, when they're trying to get him to talk about what's going on. I just touched it again now, and caressed it. I love it in a deeply wrong and frightening way.

Anonymous said...

Have you seen DARK SIDE OF THE MOON? Excellent film *about* Kubrick's involvement in faking the moon landings... k

Lucy said...

Everything about you my friend is deeply wrong and frightening. And that is why we love you so.

jarrad said...

A Clockwork Orange is an awesome movie but he removed the most vital part of the book...the ending. Full Metal jacket is my Fav. Awesome director.