Monday, August 13, 2007

New bloggywriteything!

Friend of the blog and commenter Ruth has won the Long Barn Books first novel competition - her book, Twisted Wing, will be out next year in all good bookshops, some bad ones, and possibly a few evil ones. This is fantastic news, so a bloody big round of applause for her. If only there were some way of keeping up with her progress and seeing what happens next? Possibly in some form that can be read on the web...?

Wait! There is! Go here for Ruth's funny and informative blog, where she talks about writing her second novel, and giant spiders in the back garden. Go back to the beginning of the archive, and you can follow the process of her being shortlisted and then winning the competition, which is great fun to read. It's even more interesting for us scribobloggers, to compare and contrast the differences (and similarities) between the book world and the script world. Big congratulations again to Ruth - now, go over to her blog, say hello, play nice, and buy her book when it comes out next May. Or I will have you all killed.


Dom Carver said...

Why are you always threatening to kill us? If you carried the threat through there would be nobody left to read your blog.

Jason Arnopp said...

... says the man with a suspiciously homicidal surname.