Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Objects in mirror may be giant robots in disguise

As promised, I did no work at all over the weekend. Got up Saturday morning, went for breakfast in town, and then watched giant robots transforming into vehicles and smashing shit up. To any naysayers about Transformers, I simply rebut with: Giant robots. Transforming. Smashing shit up. Sure it's flawed, don't get me wrong, I'm not deluded. BUT - it's got giant robots, changing into cars and planes, and back again. And before, during and after they do that, they smash shit up. Bigtime. In the field of "smashing shit up" movies, this must be in the top 3. An awful lot of shit gets smashed up. By transforming giant robots. In disguise. I will be going to see it again and again, sticking to the biggest screens with the loudest speakers.

After that, we went to a friend's flat in Battersea - we're looking after their dog for two weeks, which means staying at their place. We got takeaway food. Chilled out. Sunday, we strolled up to King's Road to look at the shops, ponces, and skanky blonde Paris Hilton clones. We had burgers. Coffee. Chips. Then bought tons of cakes and went back to the flat. It wasn't until Monday that we called back home to pick up our laptops. I didn't touch a keyboard all weekend. It was fantastic. The dog we're babysitting is lovely, but we hadn't reckoned on the amount of shit he could produce. He needs 2 or 3 walks a day, and any time he decides to evacuate his cavernous bowels, the results need picking up with a "doggy doo bag". Usually 2 or 3 times per walk. Usually against a tree (why?) He's really friendly, and likes to lick your hands or face - but that immediately stopped after we walked him for the first time, and saw what else he likes to lick. I have seen terrible, terrible things. The horror. The horror.

Quite near to the flat is something I've never seen in real life until now - Battersea Power Station:


It's been on a Pink Floyd album cover, in Doctor Who, and recently in Children of Men. It's pretty impressive in photos, but the first time I passed it on a bus, I couldn't believe how massive it was. I think it's one of the coolest, most beautiful buildings in the world, and I really hope someone fixes it up and puts a bloody roof on it before it collapses. It would be a huge loss.

I'm back on form after my rest, and am diving back into my work, as well as tending to this neglected blog. I've got a few bloggy things I want to do, subjects I want to talk about, so expect more ramblings and rants soon. If there's anything you'd like me to cover in particular, use the comments or the contact link in my profile. Anything *except* the plots of certain TV sci-fi shows I'm working on, of course. My mutated prawn storyline must remain secret.


Oli said...

English Heritage's motto: If it ain't a castle, we don't preserve it.

We let it rot. Then fall down. Then we set it on fire. Twice.

I am in no way still bitter about the demise of the West Pier.

James Moran said...

Or as they say in Private Eye, the buildings "go on fire"... That was a damn shame about the West Pier, too. Aren't they doing something with it this year though?

There's really no excuse for not putting a roof on BPS, it's just going to fall to pieces unless something is done. Even turn it into flats or a cinema or a fucking Tesco. Anything, as long as the building is kept safe. If there's money for the fucking Dome, and the fucking Olympics, and the fucking Trident Pointless Nuclear Missiles, then there's money for things like this.

Jason Arnopp said...

Mutated prawn storyline? I knew it: you're remaking The Invisible Enemy!

Actually, I love The Invisible Enemy. That'd be, like, cool.

Piers said...

Well, if we're taking requests:

I'd like a post on how you approach your second draft, and a recipe involving prawns, please.

Robin Kelly said...

I hope you mean the blondes who tried to look like Paris are skanky and not suggesting that Paris herself is skanky?

I'd like to know your thoughts on outlining and structure for an episode. How flexible can you be?

Also about being assigned things by the showrunner you need to incorporate in scripts and drafts to be done by a certain date as opposed to the complete freedom of a spec.

Priest said...

I'd like to know what inspires you, where you get your ideas from, how you think...

how incredibly corny..

Jools not James said...

NGNAAAAAAAAAGH talk about Staa Waars!

Peter Pan said...

Id rather know this:
Optimus Prime or Megatron: who do you think kicks more ass? (I'll give you a clue ... the correct answer is a big shiny lorry.....)
Oh shit. My inner transfan keeps poking his head out. Sorry about that.

Mr. Fu said...

A friend of mine wrote an epic thrash tune about a mutating Prawn - any chance of getting it on the soundtack?

james henry said...

Transformers was blimmin' great, wasn't it?

James Moran said...

Cheers for the questions so far, all good stuff that will be answered.

Peter: Optimus Prime is the ass-kickingest giant robot evah, obviously.

Mr Fu: Normal prawn, or tiger prawn?

OtherJames: If by "blimmin" you mean "unbelievably" and by "great" you mean "stupendous", then yes, yes it was. I liked the bit where the giant robot smashed shit up to get the other giant robot. Wait! There were LOADS of those bits!