Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Short film competition

Fancy making a short film? Don't have the time? Well, have you got two days spare? Then you have all the time you need. Go to the "2 Days Later" website to get all the details of their short horror film competition, now in its 5th year. Write, shoot, edit and polish a short horror (not more than 10 minutes long), all in just two days.

From the site: "All competition entries are shown to a public audience, and judged by a panel of film industry professionals, competing for film industry donated prizes at a special Halloween Screening Event in Margate. Winning submissions will also receive global website exposure and international promotion to other film festivals and film industry organisations."

There are awards for best film, script, lighting, sound, and special effects - so grab some mates, some props, and get busy. Visit the site to get the competition brief, watch past winners, and get more details. Winners get a modelling contract, a cover shoot for Company magazine, and-- no, wait, that's Britain's Next Top Model. Winners actually get some really cool prizes - last year they included a private screening of the winning short, and a Raindance Film Festival filmmaking workshop.

This year, the judging panel includes important people like Kim Newman (reviewer and author extraordinaire), but also less important people like - yes - me. That's right, I've conned them into thinking I'm a "film industry professional", and I will sit in judgement over the shorts, like a big, sitting, judgey thing. I'll be watching them online or on DVD, as I'm not yet sure if I can make it to the event itself. So, cash bribes to the usual address please, no cheques, no coins, all untraceable notes with non-consecutive serial numbers. I can't wait to see the entries, I love short films. This is a really cool competition, because it makes people get off their arse and create a mini movie, guerilla style, and because all the shorts get shown to an audience. Closing date for entries is 5pm, Sunday 21st October. So go get some!


Sarah Dobbs said...

Awesome. Both the competition, and you as a judge!

Martin said...

A friend and I were speaking about doing a zombie film, have been for most of the summer.

I click on the 2dayslater site... There's a guy looks exactly like him in the trailer.


I've text him, suggesting we enter.

I'll let you know.

b to the 12 said...

dood! we have bloodhsots here. it's pretty rad. i'm getting my own little lighting kit together cause we plan to take the grand jury this year. :) i love 2 day shoots.