Friday, August 10, 2007

Suspicious mums, FrightFest, dogs, chairs, and Who

My mum and sister (two separate people, my mum is not *also* my sister, that would be weird and incestuous) came down for a couple of days. While on the way to meet them today, I phoned my sister's mobile. My mum answered. My mum's not good with mobile phones. Bear in mind, this is my sister's phone she has decided to answer, and they're expecting me to call:

Mum: Hello...?
Me: Hello!
Mum: Who is this?
Me:'s me. Your son.
Mum: Which one?

She wasn't kidding either, there was deep suspicion in her voice, even after I had identified myself.

So the movie rewrite deadline passed, all parties involved agreed a new deadline (Me: Is it okay if I send it in tomorrow? Them: Yeah, sure) and I finished it on Wednesday. I've now got one more paying gig to do by the end of August - or rather, 23rd August, which is when FrightFest starts - and when it starts, then I'm doing nothing for 5 days solid but watching movies, morning till night, talking to fellow horror enthusiasts, and drinking. If you want to see any of the movies, better get your tickets now, because all the full passes are gone - day passes and single tickets only, now (day passes for Thurs and Sat have sold out though). Picked up my FrightFest brochure today, handed to me by Mr Paul McEvoy himself, so I can't wait for the event itself. Hello to Kevin, by the way, who was also there.

Only one more full day in the Doghouse, then we're back home to normality. No more walks at the crack of dawn. No more scraping up liquid dogpoo through a scented plastic bag. No more dog hair over *all* my clothes. No more dogfood smell. No having to come home by 6pm to walk and feed the dog. No more getting woken up at 5am by whining outside the door. It's been two long, long weeks, and our lives have practically revolved around looking after the eating, shitting, pissing, farting, barking thing. I guess I'm not a dog person. But better to find out this way, I suppose. It's a big responsibility, and if you're thinking of getting a dog (like we were, one day) I recommend you look after one for a while, and see how you get on. I still like dogs, but I'd never want one, ever. They need a lot of attention and care. And a lot of bags. For the shit.

Went to a chair shop today, and tried out one of those fancy Aeron chairs, in this very shop. What an eye opener. First of all, they're fab. Second, every other officey-type chair I've had has been adjusted wrong. I thought your arms should be at desk height, *no matter* what height the desk was. I thought you should have the chair flat, instead of having your hips higher than your knees. Loads of stuff like that. So I'm very impressed. Need to work something out with my dining table though - no room for a desk, but I could put the laptop on the table, and rest a separate keyboard on a cushion on my lap, which would keep my arms at the right level and height. Apart from that, the only hurdle is the OMGWTF price of the thing. OMG! Have you seen the price? WTF?

And finally, bit late with this one, but more fab Doctor Who news here - where you can see the first season 4 pic of Doctor Whatsisface and Donna together. On top of all that, there are two new guest stars: Felicity Kendal and Tim McInnerny. Tim starred in last year's fantastic blockbuster Severance, which was written by - oh, how embarrassing! It was me! No idea who Felicity and Tim are playing, or what episodes they're in, but I'm sure all will be announced in time. The other thing I'm dead excited about is that the Doc will encounter Agatha Christie, which should be a cracker of an episode. My episode will be all about - ooh, you crafty bastards, you nearly had it out of me there. Honestly, if the Beeb knew how close I came to giving away my secret giant banana plotline, they would have gone ballistic. If you want some clues, check the current issue of Doctor Who Magazine (the one with Freema on the cover), and read the Production Notes at the back. Captain RTD talks briefly about some of the new scripts, including mine. Hint: giant bananas would be very expensive to film, and quite epic. Anyway, I've always wanted to be mentioned in the Production Notes, and am very excited about it.

Search terms coming next week, forgot to finish them this week. Sorry about that. Here's a sneak preview: "european twirling his moustache". Yes, I know. Update: To clarify, the moustache thing is a sneak preview from the "weird search terms" thing I'm posting next week, not a hint from my DW episode. Just to stop any speculation before it starts... It's a regular thing where I show what weird keywords people have searched for that led them to my blog, taken from my stats. So there.


rawshark said...

Ah - "European twirling his moustache" - that great painting by Hundertwasser, probably the most formidable accuser of totalitarian thinking, from nuclear energy to the organization of our living environment...

He reveals the prodigious quality resources of naturist empiricism against the abusive uniformity of rationalist totalitarianism, against the tyranny of ugliness and the iron rule of its straight line.

Based on the empirical, artisan and organic intelligence of man-nature relations, his project for society is a cry of hope in beauty, a sine qua non condition for human development.

Great stuff...

(Ok, yes, I did google that phrase to find that out!)

hotzappa11 said...

You spent all of the budget!

Jools not James said...

Oh dear, things must be bad if Fifi has to use Ma as her phone answering bitch!

Westy said...

European twirling his moustache, spending all of the budget. hmm

would it by any chance the apparent episode set in Rome which has been scuppered by a fire???

Dont Deny it :p

Rob Stickler said...

Hang on, Richard Briers in Torchwood and Felicity Kendal in Doctor Who.

You don't suppose..?

James Moran said...

Rawshark: Ah, it's a painting! Thanks for that, it did sound a bit random.

Hotzappa: Yes, but only cause I hacked into their bank account. My "script" was just photos of me in Rio, spending their money and laughing.

Westy: See the update above - that is from my upcoming search terms article, not the DW ep!

Rob: Oh noes! You have discovered the secret "Good Life" crossover alien plot! In which a race of genetically enhanced Tom and Barbara Good clones storm through the world, forcing everyone to live off the land, raise chickens, and indulge in multiple off-camera partner swapping sessions...

Westy said...

Aha, i shoulda read properly. sorry :s

Jim said...

You're a good sport for looking after your buddy's dog. I was stuck in a rut where a friend saw me as his only option for pet care during his frequent trips out of town. I got fed up, then asked for a 2-month break from dog duty while I immersed myself in a writing project (and fooled around on the web, which is when I found your blog). I figured he'd call one of our mutual friends to step in, but he ended up paying for a kennel. WTF? Are our friends just jerks, or was I just a chump for helping out? Either way, my comic book script is nearly done and I haven't been enlisted to walk that dog and bag its s**t like crime-scene evidence. I win!

Dan Owen said...

I have a Doctor Who spec called "The Bastard Machine". It will never see the light of day because society's just not ready, dammit. It, too, featured giant bananas.