Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Blah blah Luca Brasi blah blah fishes etc

Had a lovely weekend away at a wedding (Jo's brother Ian), which was great fun. Jo sang during the service, songs chosen by Ian, including "Speak Softly Love" by Nino Rota - the main theme from The Godfather. It's Ian's favourite movie, and there was much merriment as the song played. And when you consider what happens to Michael's marriage (and, indeed, his life) in the movies, it's even funnier. Or not, really.

Got two meetings this week, possible TV things (one to do an episode for an existing show, one for a potential new one), so I'm continuing my evil plan to write every single thing you watch on telly in 2008, whether you like it or not. Also there are rumblings in the movie world. I'm slowly dipping a tentative toe back into it, after the mauling I received earlier this year. It's nice though, because at the moment I don't *need* to be involved in movies, which means I can be a bit more choosy and aloof with the bloodsucki- er, the nice movie execs out there. I've got stuff on the go, and if they want to buy it, cool, but there will be conditions attached. If they don't like it, then they can suck my balls, frankly. Yeah. I said "balls". That's how I roll.

Obsessive Amazon Watch Latest: Severance jumped up to around 7,700 or something, but is now back down to 14,003. I have no idea how that works. Anyway, soon it will actually be released, apparently starring "David Dyer", Eddie Marsan (who isn't in it at all), and John Frankish (the production designer, who has a cameo). It will then probably storm up the charts, hopefully at least into the top 5000. But I'm already happy, because tiptop bloggychap John Rogers likes it, and that's good enough for me.

More news and proper posts soon, once I remember which one needs to come first. Including extra special exciting news. Oh yes.


Dragon said...

It may be little consolation but I did try to rent it out the other night but their copies were all out.

Andy Goodman said...

I've got it on my ILoveFilm list with a 'HIGH' priority. Hopefully it'll be sent out in the next few days.
By the way - I'm not at all jealous about the work you can afford to turn down...
Best of luck with the upcoming meetings.

Amanda said...

Hey! Stop stealing my 'Balls!' catchphrase.

James Moran said...

Thanks, dragon and andy! The cheque is in the post. When I say "cheque", I mean "gratitude", and when I say "post", I mean "my head".

Amanda: I do what I want, see, I'm a rebel, I'm an outlaw, see, you'll never take me alive, copper.