Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Being filmed, and exciting meetings

Last Friday I was whisked to Cardiff (literally, with an egg-whisk, it was incredibly painful yet quite arousing) to film my interview bit for Torchwood Declassified. That's the making-of show that is on just after Torchwood, where everyone sits in front of cool things and talks about how they made the episode. I got to sit on the steps by the big roundy door bit of the Hub, in dark atmospheric lighting, while occasionally standing up to hit my head on a microphone. I wasn't supposed to hit my head on it, and it was nowhere near me, but I managed it anyway. It's bizarre, cause there are two big lights pointing at you, making the camera invisible, and you can barely make out the guy asking questions, so it's almost like an interrogation. Within 20 minutes I had confessed to several crimes, including the assassination of JFK.

It was really good fun, and I didn't get nervous until about three questions in, when my brain realised "OMG i gunna be on telly" As soon as my stupid brain said that, I started shaking, and my voice went all wobbly. I stopped for a drink of water and tried to concentrate on the answers, rather than being nervous. It was good, after months of having to be *really* careful not to say *anything* to anyone, to be able to speak freely about the episode. The TWD people are there for the whole process, they filmed the readthrough way back when, and know everything about the episode. So there was no shutting me up. Finally free of the secrecy, I babbled away at top speed, answering all the questions they asked, and many they hadn't asked, I just talked and talked and talked like a nutcase. I have no idea if it came across okay, or if I looked like a mumbling, terrified idiot, but they seemed happy with the footage. It's scary, doing on-camera stuff, and always hugely embarrassing to look at your own silly head bobbing around. I'll probably have to leave the room when it's on, and watch it by myself later, cringing. You know when you hear your recorded voice played back, and it doesn't sound like you? Well, it's ten times the effect with visual stuff, you just stare in amazement at this bizarre impostor on the screen. Anyway, it'll be shown immediately after my episode, when the new series starts next year.

Yesterday was the first Big Meeting for my new Telly Episode That Isn't DW or TW. I'd already met with the folks twice before, the last time was a general sort of love-fest thing where I'd already been offered the chance to do the episode, and we all talked about how much we like each other (my 2nd favourite type of meeting, the favourite being the free lunch meeting). This time was a more detailed one, where we talked about the plot and serial elements, so I know where my episode fits into the overall scheme of things. They also showed me some footage of the series they've just filmed, to see what it all looks like. I now need to do an outline for my episode, and will probably start writing the script at the end of the month.

The Other Really Big SuperDuper Important Meeting last week got rescheduled, so I'm just waiting to find out when the new date is. It gives me more time to prepare, which is good, but I hope it happens soon, cause I really want the job. More excitingly vague updates as they happen.


Oli said...

"It's ten times the effect with visual stuff"

Hoh, yes. Normally I go along, looking and sounding like an at-his-peak Roger Moore, but the few times that I get caught on video I appear to be a massive geek with terrible posture and a veeeeeeery dull monotone voice. Strange, isn't it?

Peter Pan said...

I am always amazed just how fat I look when on the telly. Not that I am on it much you understand ... and I always sound soooooooooo gay. I mean, I am, but thats not the point, I dont want to sound it.
And I've sat on those steps in the hub too .. cracking set, aint it?
Look forward to seeing your head wobble and voice crack like a teenage boy going through puberty.

Dozeymagz said...

Never really been on telly, (apart from that incident when I thought I was hiding behind a handy shrub during a news item, but that doesn't count!) so I can only imagine how mind numbingly terrifying that must be!

I'm sure you'll come over as the totally together and witty chap that you obviously are! No worries.

Yay for the Hub stairs!

A man with a cough said...


Lucy said...

I've been on telly several times but it's completely unsubstantiated that I have been on the internet in any rude nudey stuff *ahem*

Salina said...

Wooohoo! Glad to hear the important meetings keep coming and all that jazz. I love the Declassifieds, and behind the scenes stuff like that. Chances are hey will cut around you bumping your head and do all sorts of edit-magic things to make you sound like you were all calm and cool. I haaaaate being recorded because I have this almost lisp that people miss in conversation but when I try and annunciate it comes out bad. Why do we have to wait for January??? *sigh*

Dozeymagz said...

Sorry - thought you might appreciate this, well, sort of...

BTW - good luck with the uber-big meeting thingy!