Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween

Last year's Halloween pumpkin:

Booga booga booga!

After several weeks of struggling to find the energy and motivation to get writing done, I've suddenly had a burst of activity. Got the outline done over the weekend for my Telly Episode That Isn't DW Or TW, just in time for the deadline. Yesterday I chained myself to the laptop and ploughed through three more things that needed doing (all part of one thing), so that's another job completed. And I'll have to do one more outline before Friday, but I'm halfway into that so it's all good.

Before then, there's Halloween to enjoy. I love Halloween, because it's a good excuse to watch lots of horror, and mess about. We have plenty of horror movies lined up, some booze, some sweets, nice food, scary music, a pumpkin, and a strobe light. Yeah, that's right, a strobe light. There may well be drunken robotic dancing. I have no shame. Actually, I do, I have lots of shame, but I squeeze it down into a tiny ball just underneath my heart, where it can fester along with all the other repressed filth.

I hope you've all got some good horror to watch. Stick on a few movies, something truly scary - like this, or this, or this, or maybe this. Or, if you're feeling *really* brave, this.

So, have yourselves a merry little Halloween, watch something scary or disgusting, and have fun. Now get off my blog's lawn! Punkass kids!


Lucy said...

I will not get off your blog's lawn until I have trampled all your roses, thrown eggs at your windows and taken a virtual dump on your grass. Ah, that's better.

Happy Halloween to you too you repressed freak of nature.

Dozeymagz said...

I don't know - just walking into my kitchen is a scene of horror at the moment. Who knows what hideous nightmares lurk within - THE FRIDGE!!!!
Love Halloween! Hope you had a good time.
By the way - I think our Pumkins may be related - there's a definite resemblance!

Peter Pan said...

Nice pumpkin.
I called mine Bruce this year. Left a pic on my blog if you want a nose, if not, no big - I'm not going to cry or anything.

Salina said...

This was the least eventful Halloween ever. But I still got stuff done (like my English paper... it's definitely 7:00 am here and I haven't slept) so that much was good. The super quick email turn around was cause I knew I'd be busy all week so no pressure on that. At all. I will never think you rude for getting your important stuff done. :p

Best of luck with your deadlines etc. And hope you had a spooky awesome Halloween.

Ruth Newman said...

At the risk of sounding like a suck-up, guess what DVD me and the significant other decided to watch last night for our Halloween viewing pleasure? That's right. He hadn't seen it before, so I got to do that smug thing where you act all nonchalant because you know where the scary bits are coming, whereas he let out a little "meep" sound at the moment the trap shut that had me giggling for the next five minutes.

On a recut trailers note, having you seen The Shining-as-gentle-drama trailer? Genius.

Jon Peacey said...

'Ambassador, with these recut trailers you are really spoiling us!'

Damn fine fun. Particularly loved the first: actually manages to be scarier than the original. They led me to finding some more including a nifty take on When Harry Met Sally which probably just goes to prove that rom-com really is just a hair's breadth from a stalker psycho-drama. Or something.

Amanda said...

I want to see THIS film!

Apparently this advert would play on the TV with no warning or anythig - I'd have loved to have been scared crapless by it as a kid :D

Whooooo areeeee youuuuu?

I reckon Roger Daltry saw this film before penning one of his better known hits.

Jon Peacey said...

Proof positive that Kirsten Dunst was a lot older than she looked when she did Interview With The Vampire...

Don't believe me? Check 16 seconds into the clip!

Jools not James said...

I bought a pumpkin for Hallowe'en, and made a lovely soup out of it, and then I enjoyed the fact that no begging kids could get to my front door this year, because I now live somewhere that has electric gates to keep the little bleeders out!