Friday, November 16, 2007

Time Crash! Kids! Wogan!

Nothing strike related in this post, just the usual rambling about myself and some DW and Children In Need stuff. Hey, it's my blog! You blog off, or I'll blog you in the face, you motherblogging nunblogger!

The new issue of Doctor Who Magazine is out, and features the Peter Davison and David Tennant special episode for Children In Need. This is a teamup so incredibly exciting, it threatens to destabilise the very fabric of the space/time continuum, and plunge us all into an alternate dimension where poodles rule the world, and everyone looks like Bjorn from ABBA. I mean, come on. The 5th Doctor and the 10th Doctor. Together. Too much! Brain... fracturing...

Speaking of Time Crash - for that is its name - when I was on set for the filming of my episode (report will come when it's been shown, as it's spoiler-tastic), I found a copy of The Moff's script for it. On a chair. Right in front of me. I picked it up, with trembling hands. Knowing I shouldn't, knowing it was wrong. But I opened it. Almost immediately, I had read two of its glorious pages. And then I forced myself to close it, and read no further. There was nobody around. Nobody would have minded, I'm part of the DW gang now, they know I won't tell anyone what's inside, and I could have finished it really quickly. But I just couldn't bring myself to do it, couldn't spoil it for myself. I want to sit down and be as surprised as everyone else tonight. It's on around 8pm, and if you're really careful, you can avoid the Spice Girls desperately trying to drum up free publicity for their reunion tour singing a song.

And it goes without saying, but let's say it anyway: give the kids some cash. Go on. Or Terry Wogan will come round your house and beat you up. He's not the kindly, avuncular figure he makes himself out to be, he's a brutal enforcer for the BBC. I have it on good authority that he was the one who smashed up the Blue Peter garden, apparently they were late with their protection money. So pay up.

Click here if you want to donate online, or you can send them a cheque, or at any bank, building society or post office, or pay by card over the phone, or HSBC customers can pay at HSBC cash machines, or by pressing your red button (on your TV remote, not the nuclear strike button), or by PayPal. Blimey. I think you can also pay by magic, osmosis, and with tiny movements of your eyes. If not, then you will be able to by next year, probably.


Peter Pan said...

Until Mr Tennant, Davison was my fave Doctor. I know, controversial for a man my age ... I regularly get mail from Tom Baker pressure groups.
Do they teaser your prawns though? Thats the real question here.

Lucy said...

Ah you see, it's because you have a will of iron and a mind of steel that you were able to close that Dr. Who script, just as you were able to keep your hands off the Goddess that is me the other week ; P

Kidding of course. I've been desperately in love with you for some time now and your casual and aloof rebuttal has meant that I am now questioning the worth of life... But hey I'll leave all my money to Children in Need, how about that?

Jon Peacey said...

If you divide a Tennant with a Davison do you get a Troughton?

Not sure the Spice Girls need to drum up any interest: have you seen their concert schedule? It started with 8 concerts worldwide but the dates have bred faster than rabbits in a viagra factory! 17 nights at the O2 now! The boggle minds!

Rob Stickler said...

That was special.


Jools not James said...

You can't salvage your musical credibility by sneering at the Spice Girls when you've already outed yourself as a Judas Priest fan!
*Points and larfs*

GracieLizzy said...

I donated immediately after and said how much I loved it! I also got a pudsey plush beforehand :)

Dom Carver said...

You've sold out! You've become a corporate whore, selling your soul to the Director General, and becoming a mouth piece of propaganda for Auntie. I want my money back, damn you!!!!!!!

Phill Barron said...

I'm late to this party, I just saw Time Crash last night.

Is it just me or did the Doctors let slip the Master was gay?

And if so, where does that leave their 'special' relationship?