Sunday, December 23, 2007

Settling in, with Torchwood news and trailer

Due to the moving madness and other work, my usual end of year career roundup introspection wankfest will be posted later this month, or first thing in January, as it's not quite finished yet. But it's been a superb (if hectic) year overall, I've had a fantastic time. The house move is more or less finished now. The bed frame, which the removal men were unable to dismantle, with all their tools, was dismantled by me, with a spanner and two pennies - an old trick I saw on TV years ago, and filed away in my brain: if the spanner's too big, put coins in to fill the gap, and it'll give you enough leverage. See, TV *is* useful. So we had to get another van to bring the bed frame over, along with the last few bits from the old flat. My new desk and chair arrived, and are upstairs in the spare room now, along with a massive framed poster of Severance, courtesy of my agent. There will be photos when everything is completely cleared up.

We're about half unpacked right now, it's proving to be a lot easier than packing - the more we unpack, the more space there is (thanks to shelves, bookcases, cabinets etc). And we're slowly sorting the living room. The new sofa arrived yesterday, and is fantastic. Spent a long evening watching movies and getting drunk on it. Nice. Soon we'll be done downstairs, and can put the Christmas trees up. Yes, I said trees, plural. We had a big one, then had to buy a smaller one because the flat got too small for it. So now both of them are going up, because we can. And we're keeping em up all through January, I don't care what anyone says. We've missed out on the run up to Christmas, so we'll make up for it. That's right, I said the biggest turkey in the shop, boy! The one as big as you are! And here's a shilling for your trouble!

News! Torchwood news! Get your fresh TW news here! Well, not fresh, it's already been reported in several other places, but I may as well round them up and pretend I knew about them all along. There's a press release for my episode, "Sleeper", here, which has lots of juicy details - who *is* Beth? Can she be as innocent as she seems? Booga-booga-booga! I'll be interviewed in the Torchwood Declassified show which is on just after the episode, so you'll get to see me babbling incoherently about how I love everyone and everything, sitting in the Hub, in my fancy red shirt (got to make an effort when you're on the telly, try not to look like a pale, shrieking, filth-encrusted writer who hasn't left the house for three months). Still not sure what date the series starts, but it's "week 3" of January when the first ep airs, so shouldn't be too hard to watch our for. In the meantime, you can see a lovely trailer promo for the whole of season 2 here, courtesy of BBC America. Lots of clips of mine in there, but I won't say which ones, you'll have to guess and see if you were right on the day. Naturally I'll be pimping my ep mightily when the time comes.

I've only got one paid gig outline to do over the break, so I'm going to take some time out to work on my own projects, do some research, and write up pitches for several things. I've got several books and DVDs for research, so I'll be spending plenty of time on the big sofa. I might not get a chance to blog again before everything kicks off, so I'll sign off for now - although I might shove the end of year thing up if I finish it before January. Have a lovely Christmas or (insert holiday festival here), and I'll see you in 2008...


Lee said...

And a very jolly Yuletide to you too, old chap.

martin said...

Merry christmas sir!

Dom Carver said...

Merry Crimbo, Jimbo!!!!!

See what I did there? I'm a clever writer you know.

Anonymous said...

hope you had a good one,

I'm suprised how much im looking forward to more Torchwood after my mixed reaction to the first series.