Friday, January 04, 2008

Doctor Who + Torchwood trailers, and TW start date

OMG! It's 2008! OMG! WTF? ETC!

Welcome back, hope you all experienced a proper Christmas, and had your stomachs pumped once or twice, or at the very least punched an elderly relative. Cause that's what it's all about, really. We ate too much, drank too much, didn't leave the house for a full week, and went slightly insane. Which is also what Christmas is all about.

Doctor Who and Torchwood news ahoy: If you caught the Doctor Who Christmas spectacular, then you will have seen two trailers at the end, one for Doctor Who series 4, one for Torchwood series 2. But Jimbo, I hear you cry, I am a FOOL, and managed to miss all of the above! Fear not, you big monkey, because the DWs4 trailer can be found here - OMG! Giant wasps! Agatha Christie! Sontarans! UNIT! Pompeii! Explosions! Running! Corridors! Shootybangbang! - while the TWs2 trailer (which is much shorter and doesn't show very much) can be viewed here - OMG! Aliens! Gadgets! Sexy people! Some weird smoke thing! James Marsters! Janet! Poodle! Martha! Explosions! Slow motion strutting!

You can also see a longer, one minute trailer for Torchwood here (edit: link now works), which shows many more exciting things, including hot man on man action, and a blowfish. Yes, I said a blowfish. Go and see.

So, on to the big big news, which is that Torchwood series 2 officially starts on Wednesday the 16th January, at 9pm. My episode, which many people are already referring to as "episode 2" will be on the following week, 23rd January, also Wednesday at 9pm. The following night there's a pre-watershed repeat at 7pm, with some gore and swearing snipped out, and after that at 7.50pm is Torchwood Declassified, a behind the scenes show.

For those of you who live in the USA, TW starts on BBC America on the 26th January, at 9pm. My episode will be the following week, on Saturday 2nd Feb. The BBC America showings will be slightly edited though, to fit in adverts, so be aware that you're missing quite literally minutes of high quality entertainment. That's the excuse I'll be using if you don't like my episode, anyway. For UK viewers, I will blame sunspots.

If you don't usually watch the show, give it a chance, the first episode is kickass, and I'm incredibly proud of my one. Haven't seen the other eps yet, but from everything I've seen so far, it's going to rock hard. In fact, on a scale of 1 to Rock, Rock being the highest, I'd have to give it a solid Rock out of Rock. So check it out, or I'll come round your house and beat you up.*

*Of course I will not come round your house and beat you up if you don't watch the show, the BBC simply wouldn't allow it. They have special teams of people to do that.


Danny Stack said...

Most exciting news of 2008 so far! Rock to the power of ten.

Michael Lee said...

If it's like the first season of Torchwood on BBC America, they'll show it a good half a dozen times -- but I imagine the first time will be early evening. I can't wait!

Anonymous said...

why am I more excited about Torchwood than Doctor Who =S Thats not right.

Matt M said...

The Torchwood trailer's no longer on Youtube. I want blowfish, damnit!

James Moran said...

No, Danny - YOU rock, sir. You are a Stack of rock.

Michael: Cool, cheers for that!

Faldor: Because TW is nearer, and that makes it more exciting right now...

Matt M: Changed the link, it now takes you to Freema's unofficial site which has the one minute trailer. Go see blowfish!

anita marie said...

Thank You Baby Jesus... all we have on the TV right now is Reality TV.

I'm up for the Doctor- and Torchwood?

Prime Stuff.

This is great news.

Anonymous said...

And there you go again with the comedy-induced incontenance (not literally you understand, i have my bladder fully under control atm - at 23 thats a v good thing. no need for tena lady as yet)

I will be glued to the tv on the 16th (again, not literally - im going to the JB panto on the 18th and dont want to have to take my tv with me stuck to my forhead). Im sure your episode is brilliant and being a obediant fangirl that i am im sure i will make highly pitched excited noises at every given oportunity.

also the trailers are great arent they! hot man on man action indeed; we need more of it.

Lucy said...

man on man action? too much stubble if you ask me. GIRL ON GIRL - now that's more like it, appeals to my inner lesbian and lord she is starved right now. Are you listening James?? Write some hot girls into your Dr Who ep and I *may* just watch it!

Anonymous said...

Hi, great to see the new Doctor Who and Torchwood trailers, they're VERY exciting and I can't wait to see the actual episodes.

A giant blowfish? Now that has gotta be TV worth watching.

Looking forward to seeing your episodes! Bring it on!!!

joanne said...

don't worry james would'nt miss torchwood for all the tea in china and I love tea!!!!

specially looking forward to your episode of course and I'm sure you'll be proven right when you say this series will be rock solid!!

Joanne xxxx

Rosby said...

I don't know who wrote the brief snippet of man-on-man action that we saw in the trailer, but if it was you, do you have any idea how much power you've got over innocent people? That two seconds of (excellent, I might add) snogging has sent the Torchwood fandom wild.

(In the good, exciting, not-quite-insane-yet way.)

Is there a sense of power about being a professional writer, and seeing such huge reactions en masse? Or does it get a little less surreal with experience?

jim said...

Well done, James. Your site, and your accounts of writing for industry, provide a lot of inspiration for me as an aspiring writer. It's motivating to see that hard work and persistence can pay off in the end. If you ever get a minute, you should rough out a timeline of your transition from hopeful to professional writer - first submission, first rejection, first acceptance, first nervous breakdown, etc. It would be fun to see a chart of your career's development. Happy New Year - jim

Tony Sarrecchia... said...

Torchwood is the best scifi show in the US since the X-Files. It's smart, witty and actually has story lines for adults. The US times (Eastern) are 7:00 for the 2 hour Doctor Who episode and Torchwood will start at 9. Between the Writers' Strike and the great stuff on BBC America, we may never watch US TV again. Looking forward to your episode.

James Moran said...

Cheers everyone!

Anon: Glad your bladder is under control, I'd hate to be responsible for your carpets needing to be steamcleaned. I'll be laying down plastic sheets just in case.

Rosby: I'm ashamed to say it wasn't me, but I will redeem myself by saying that there's more than 2 seconds of it. Ooh, blimey, it's good... As for the sense of power: I'm just starting to realise how devastating it can be, which spells doom for you innocent viewers, as I will gladly let it go straight to my head. More power! More!

Jim: Thank you, glad to be of service - and that's a great idea about the timeline, that will go on the list of Useful Blogs to do this year (I'm trying to do more useful posts, and less random nonsense about nothing).

Tony: Thanks for that, good to hear it's on at a sensible hour. Can't wait for you to see it.

Melissa said...

James, since you are in a chatty mood......who is Beth? LOL!!

Both promos look amazing.

Crabbylioness said...

Quoted from the OG Torchwood forum in response to your latest post:

"Can we keep this guy? Can we love him and pet him and squeeze him and call him George and take care of him and make sure he always has deadlines to meet? Just from his essays he sounds like the perfect Torchwood writer."

James Moran said...

Melissa: That would be telling... OR WOULD IT?? I don't even know anymore.

crabbylioness: Ah, that's lovely, thank you, I really hope you all like it (and that the compliments keep coming, I feed off them). And I'll happily do as many more episodes as they like - I've been a fan of the show since the beginning, and I love working on it and playing with the characters. I realise "playing with the characters" sounds slightly pervy, but I stand by it.

Crabbylioness said...

It's Torchwood, hon. It's supposed to sound slightly pervy. *g*

Amanda said...

Dear JimMoran'll Fix It

Re: Jim's request for a chart (too many Jim's - this is getting weird). Could you make it a pie chart, because I like pie very much.

Many thanks,
Age 34

Peter Pan said...

Aha! You are episode 2? Wel, not you .. but your creative genius.... oh you know what I mean.
A mate of mine has seen the first two and yours was brilliant, he said! Huzzah!

Dozeymagz said...

Gaahh!!! I am quite dizzy with anticipation! Only 5 days to go!!!
I wish I could slo-mo down my street in a swishy sexy way - but every time I practice, I get strange looks and people cross the road to avoid me. Why would this be?

james henry said...

Sir, I salute your indefatigability and stuff.

James Moran said...

You all saw that, I now have full and explicit permission to be pervy, and will do so at any available opportunity...

Amanda: Pie charts aren't really good for a timeline chart, or for a calorie controlled diet. So think about that.

Peter: Ooh, how'd your mate see them then, press copies? Thank him from me!

Magz: They avoid you because they are scared, SCARED, of your slowmo coat-swishing abilities, and wish that they could do it as well. But they can't, because they are trapped, TRAPPED, by society's repressive rules about slowmo and coat-swishiness. So swish away, you brave swisher, you.

OtherJames: Cheers guv, I salute your wearing of a leotard - there's absolutely nothing wrong with it.

Peter Pan said...

Yeah, he is a journo .. so gets these things in advance and just teases the hell out of me with them, darn him.